11 Unexpected Discoveries That Stunned People with How They Looked

Several social media users shared photos of ordinary things looking anything but on the Reddit platform. Community members were just as shocked as the people who posted the images.

Every day things can become extraordinary when we least expect them to. Some Reddit users were fortunate enough to experience bizarre yet interesting things and shared them on the platform.

Colorful Corn Kernels

A Reddit user shared a bizarre yet fascinating natural occurrence that happened to three of their corn ears, which grew from the same variety/plantation.

One corn had marble-like colors that consisted of green, black, purple, brown, and orange. The second corn was predominantly yellow but had shares of purple, brown, and black. The last corn was filled with shades of purple and pink.

Iced Flowers

After an autumn storm in Oklahoma City, a Reddit user shared the beautiful effect of the cold weather, which froze their flowers. In her photo, cone flowers got trapped in ice, making it look like a work of art with ice drops.

Purple Cedarwood

A person cutting logs in a forest shared a beautiful sight on Reddit, revealing the center color of the cedar wood being chopped. The center of the naturally brown wood showed a purple-pinkish color that made for an incredible sight.

A Very Tall Sunflower

Sunflowers naturally gravitate toward the sun, but one flower bloomed vertically toward the sky, reaching about twice as high as a 5 foot 10 woman.

One Reddit user who was that height shared a photo of the sunflower growing on the side of the street and stood beside it for size reference.

Alien Lemon

A Reddit user who grows lemons in their garden was shocked to find an alien-looking green lemon with no particular shape.

The fruit appeared like it had tentacles and had several lumps that nearly showed the inside. “Freak lemon from my garden,” the Reddit user described it.

Expanding Bottle

When a person thinks about a liter bottle of liquid, the picture that comes to mind is a significantly large container that can fit an ample amount of water.

However, one Reddit user found a small container, roughly the size of a lipstick, that expands into a liter-sized bottle once expanded with air during the manufacturing process.

Sand-filled Spoon Handle

An unfortunate yet intriguing event happened to a woman when preparing her leftover turkey. While preparing the dish, her serving spoon’s handle broke. Unexpectedly, it contained sand, and she ended up accidentally pouring it all over the food she was cooking at the time. She wrote:

“It ruined my delicious turkey stuffing leftovers.”

Blue Toilet Seat

A Reddit user shared a photo of their cushioned toilet seat naturally turning blue because of his pregnant wife. “My pregnant wife has turned our toilet seat blue. Apparently this is somewhat common amongst pregnant women and no one really knows why,” the person wrote.

Those diagnosed with Chromhidrosis are people who have colored sweat that are blue, brown, green, yellow, or black. The colored sweat manifests on the face, underarms, or breasts.

Massive Penne Pasta

Italian pasta brand Barilla has been producing different types of pasta for some time, but like many other manufacturing companies, there may be lapses in their production.

One of their selections, called the mini penne, is supposedly smaller than the usual penne size. However, one Reddit user found a penne as long as the box itself. This specific piece would have been better called the giant penne.

A Plate of Spaghetti with a Cotton Ball of Mold

One Reddit user forgot a plate of mushroom spaghetti in their microwave for an entire week. After discovering it again, the pasta could barely be seen—a massive mold formation formed above the dish that looked like a fluffy cotton ball.

Unequally Sliced Pepperoni Pizza

Although round pizzas are sometimes cut into square pieces, slicing them diagonally would result in equal triangular slices. However, a person’s father neither wanted a square nor a triangular sliced pizza.

To avoid cutting the pepperoni toppings, he decided to slice the pie in odd shapes and sizes, ensuring that the salami remained round and untouched. One commenter shared what they usually do to avoid cutting through the meat:

“I re position the pepperoni before I bake to be able to do straight line cuts without cutting the pepperoni. And I thought I was psychotic for that. But this is level 2 [sic].”

While the person’s suggestion was an excellent solution to the problem, the same wouldn’t work for store-bought or delivery pizzas.