19 Tweets That Can Make Even the Most Cold-Hearted People Shed a Tear

If you feel that it’s only Hollywood producers and scriptwriters who can come up with interesting plots that can make viewers around the world admire them and shed tears over them, you are wrong.

When you realize that the following stories they tell are real, the degree of emotionality increases a hundredfold.

1. My dad died when I was 8. Every week a few of the dads on my hockey team would offer to tie my skates. Not in a big showy way, in a quiet kind way. They filled the gap. Find a way to fill the gap for someone. It’ll make you both better.

2.My girlfriend doesn’t know this, but anytime we spend time apart I listen to music she normally plays to feel like I have her around.

3.Having a conversation with my grandma with Alzheimer’s: Me: “It was nice seeing you.” Grandma: “It was nice remembering you.” Me: “You remember me??” Grandma: “I don’t remember your name, but I remember that I love you.”

4. My neighbor just dropped the cake she was carrying from her car to her house and sat down and cried until her husband carried her into the house, and I’ve never felt a stronger connection to any other human being in my life. Baking her a new cake now.

5.After 20 years, my momma still wakes up at 4 AM every morning to cook my dad a full breakfast and sends him off to work with a fresh cup of coffee and a packed lunch that she made for him. That’s the wife I’m trynna be.

6.I made my dad his Facebook profile yesterday and explained how everything worked because he got a new smartphone. Today I saw his Facebook status said “my wife” and I didn’t get it, so I called him and asked about the status, and he said, ‘Facebook asked, “what’s on your mind?” So I said, “My wife.”

7.My boyfriend always uses “we” statements whenever I’m stressed or scared or having my own issues. Like “we will figure this out” or “we will get through this” so I know I’m never alone and that I always have him, and I think that’s really important.

8.My mom cut up some fruit and brought it to me in my room, giving me that slight smile and without saying anything. That’s what touches me, nobody ever gonna love me this much.

9.My husband plays video games with a group of people he’s never met. Last week, one of them died. I’m overhearing them playing today in his honor; laughing, talking, reminiscing about their friend. Don’t ever tell me “online friends” aren’t real friends. Sending virtual hugs to all.

10.I had this teacher that put her heart and soul into teaching and one day in class she started sobbing and told us that “sometimes I don’t know if I can make it through the day but I come in, I sit in my car, and I hype myself up… and I do it for you guys.” That touched my heart forever.

11.I serve this cute old man and woman every day, and today I asked them how long they’ve been married. They smiled at each other and he said, “Honey, we aren’t married, she’s my best friend. Ever since my wife and her husband have passed, we take care of each other. She is all I have.”

12.My mom left when I was 12. The refined society lady down the block sent her kids off to do things on Friday afternoons so I wouldn’t feel ashamed of our weekly cooking lessons. She taught me the basics of sauces and then sent me home with a meal for my siblings and me.

13.My boyfriend has been putting away money every month and saved up $5,000 to purchase a new car tomorrow. What he doesn’t know is he doesn’t have $5,000 but $10,000. I have been secretly matching every dollar he has saved. He truly deserves it y’all.

14. Just drove past a little boy with a lemonade stand. I wasn’t going to stop but he looked at me and started miming himself throwing a lasso at my car and pulling me in. I didn’t have a choice, it’s a lawless land out here in the West but now I have lemonade.

15.One of my clearest memories of my grandfather is when he beat me in chess and I cried because I was a sore loser and he said “Ok, I’ll play you left-handed”, and then I won and it took me until like last week to realize he was a real funny guy.

16.My dryer stopped working. I was frustrated. My son asked what happened. I told him. 2 days later, a package arrived. My son fixed the dryer using parts from Amazon and YouTube videos. Who is this boy and how is he a fix-it-shop? Took him my stereo speakers from 1992 this morning…

17. My sister came home from school one day and asked me to take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. She said there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to be friends with him. Today I stood beside her at their wedding, watching her sign “I do.”

18. Was waitressing at a party of 12 and they asked if I would take their picture and I said sure, so I go to take the picture and the guy goes, “1 2 3 Emily is pregnant!” And everyone’s faces were priceless and I might have shed a tear

19.A woman just came and bought $300 worth of fireworks and I was being nice and said, “Ooh are ya planning a big bbq?!” and she said, “No, my son has muscular dystrophy and was supposed to die by 18, we’re celebrating his 40th birthday tomorrow, he likes fireworks.” Wow!