4-Year-Old Boy Invites Schoolmates to His Birthday Party & They Bully Him in Response

A young Australian parent just wanted to throw her son a birthday party he could enjoy with his friends, but when the invitations went out, none of the children responded. Instead, the birthday boy started getting bullied because of a significant difference in his birthday cake.

On October 18, 2023, an Australian news channel profiled the unique story of a young mother from Redcliffe, Queensland. The young parent reached out to social media users for their assistance and support when her son got bullied by schoolmates for a lifestyle choice.

Angel Craine, 27, explained how her son Malachi’s fifth birthday was coming around in October 2023, so she decided to celebrate him by hosting a party. Thinking nothing of it and not anticipating anything bad, she gave out birthday party invitations to her son’s schoolmates.

However, after two weeks passed, no one had confirmed their interest in attending the event. The Australian mother also noticed a change from the other students after Malachi’s invitations were sent.

Angel revealed how her son’s party was snubbed because the four-year-old is vegan. She recalled Malachi being bullied at school for having a “no cow” cake:

“They’ve all bullied him and told him they aren’t coming unless he has a cow in his cake.”

Malachi’s mother explained that they planned to make a chocolate vegan cake for the boy’s birthday party, which will be held at the end of October. She was especially shocked by how children her son’s age already bullied people who lived according to the vegan lifestyle.

The young woman said her son didn’t back down when bullied and stood by what he believed in.

Her son was saddened that no one wanted to be his friend or to come to his Pokémon-themed birthday party; however, Angel noted how “pretty resilient” he is. Wanting to make her son’s special day worth it for him, the determined parent turned to social media for help from strangers.

What Steps Did Angel Take To Secure Support for Her Son for His Birthday?

Seeking assistance, Malachi’s mother took to Facebook to share her experience on the Vegans in Australia page. She informed them about her son’s situation, mentioning how he appeared to be getting a lot of bullying for being vegan.

The parent mentioned that none of her son’s friends wished to attend his party because of his vegan cake and they were constantly rude about his lifestyle choices. Angel told the social media group members that she wondered if any of them resided in the north side of Brisbane and had vegan children.

The young woman wished to know if their children would like to attend Malachi’s birthday party. Fortunately, the social media account’s group members were very supportive of the distraught parent and unexpectedly rallied behind her.

Around 12 children from the Facebook group members RSVPed to the child’s birthday party! Moreover, those who lived too far to attend showed Angel and her son their support by starting to send the birthday boy cards and various gifts.

The young mother confessed that her son was “super excited” to make new friends who share similar ethics and interests as he does. She is also in awe of how caring the vegan community turned out to be.

Although it broke her heart to see Malachi being bullied for being vegan, Angel is proud of how the little boy is standing up for himself against his peers. The young woman said her son didn’t back down when bullied and stood by what he believed in.

According to her, she and her son chose to embrace a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, as they both love animals. Angel also noted and encouraged others that it’s always good to stand up for those who don’t have a voice.

She shared her pride in how Malachi doesn’t allow his bullies to get to him and remains passionate about being vegan, and his love for animals is still intact. Now all that remains to be seen is how the turnout for his party will be.