40 Times People Greeted Christmas With A Sense Of Humor

#1 Dragons

#2 The Amazon Driver Who Delivered My Package At 6pm On Christmas Eve

#3 Made Myself A Christmas Jumper

#4 I Found This Jacket At A Thrift Store And Have Waited 4 Months To Wear It. Merry Christmas

#5 My 81-Year-Old Grandma Didn’t Look Close Enough At The Jumper She Bought For Xmas This Year

#6 Every Year For The Past 7 Years, I’ve Photoshopped Myself To Be My Own Awkward Family. I Rented An AIRB&B so I Could Take Pictures In A Hot Tub.

#7 Kinda A Selfie? Whatever I Did It For The Old Folks At My Nursing Home And They Laughed. Mission Accomplished. Merry Christmas

#8 Every Christmas Eve I Go To Work In A Different Suit This Is Year 7

#9 I Had A Guy Come Dressed As Santa To Take Photos With My Baby Because I’ve Completely Lost My Mind

#10 Every Year My Parents Recreate The Christmas Card Our Friends Send Them Of Their Kids, Here’s This Years

#11 Our First Christmas In Our First Apartment. Funds Are Tight But I Wanted To Make It Fun For Us. His Favorite Part Was The Tinsel

#12 Merry Festive Selfie Day

#13 Decided To Do A Mall Goth Photo With Santa. Turned Out Gloriously. I’m In My Mid 30’s (The Blonde)

#14 Yet Another Year As The Last Unmarried In The Family

#15 The Other Day My Dad Fell Off Ladder And Through A Drop Ceiling. I Just Happened To Be Walking By And Was Able To Catch Him On His Way Down

#16 My Dad Didn’t Want My Cat To Feel Left Out This Christmas

#17 I Ran Out Of Wrapping Paper And Had To Improvise. It’s Nearly Unnoticeable

#18 My Wife Made Me A Coffee Table Book For Christmas. All Quotes Out Of Context Me Gaming With The Buds Online

#19 Time To Be Smarter

#20 I Didn’t Have An “Ugly Christmas Sweater“ For The Party, So I Made One

#21 For The 5th Year, My Friends And I Got Christmas Photos Taken At Our Local JCPenney

#22 Christmas Hair 4.0

#23 My Daughter’s Holiday Craft. Need To Talk To Her Kindergarten Teacher

#24 My Friends Sent Me A Christmas Card With Their Kid’s Foot On It. I Don’t Have A Kid, So This Is What They’re Getting Back

#25 I Got A 3D Printer For Christmas. My Friend Had A Simple Request

#26 My GF Gets Frustrated That She Has To Share Birthday And Christmas. I Decided To Have A Professional Cake Made To Celebrate Her Day

#27 Our Employee Overcooked The Brownies, So We Turned Them Into A Coffee Table. Taking Christmas Pre-Orders Now

#28 Parents Combined Ugly Sweater Outfit

#29 I Took A Picture Of Christmas Lights At The Zoo. This Guy Was Randomly In The Picture. We Gave Him A Name, Put Him On Christmas Cards

#30 Every Year My Parents Send Me Texts Such As “He Is Risen” Or Bible Verses To Me On Religious Holidays. This Year I Decided To Send Them Something

#31 Christmas Cards Are A Success

#32 Sioux Falls Police Department Arrests Mr. Grinch For Attempting To Steal Holiday Cheer

#33 I Heard We’re Posting Awkward Holiday Photos. This Is My Friends And Me

#34 This Amazon Delivery Driver Is Dressed As An Elf

#35 I Might Have Been A Bit Excited That My New Skates Fit. Merry Christmas

#36 Saw This At Work. Merry Christmas Everyone


#37 Merry Christmas You Lovely People

#38 My Friend’s Family Christmas Card


#39 All These Chests And So Little Rump. Allow Me To Rectify

#40 I Love My Dad. This Is Where He Put His X-Mas Gift