Are you craving a deliciously sweet treat that takes just minutes to prepare? Look no further than the delectable 5-Minute Caramel Walnuts. This quick and easy recipe combines the rich crunch of walnuts with the sweet allure of caramel for a snack that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, satisfying your sweet tooth, or simply looking for a delightful snack, these caramel-coated walnuts are sure to be a hit.


Walnuts1 cup
Golden brown sugar¼ cup + 1 tablespoon
Water¼ cup
Unsalted butter1 tablespoon
Salt⅛ teaspoon + 2 pinches


The beauty of 5-Minute Caramel Walnuts lies not only in its delectable taste but also in its simplicity. With just a handful of ingredients and a mere five minutes, you’ll have a treat that’s sure to please.1. Prepare the Plate Begin by laying a piece of parchment paper on a dinner plate or a heatproof surface. This step ensures that your caramel-coated walnuts won’t stick and makes the process smoother.2. Combine Ingredients In a medium non-stick skillet, combine all the ingredients except for the salt. The mixture of walnuts, golden brown sugar, water, and unsalted butter will soon transform into a delightful caramel concoction that coats the walnuts perfectly.

3. Heat and Stir

Place the skillet over high heat and stir occasionally for approximately 5 minutes. During the last minute, stir constantly and reduce the heat to medium. This process allows the moisture to evaporate, and the walnuts to become darker, glossier, and form clusters of caramel-coated goodness.

4. Ensure Evaporation

It’s crucial to ensure that all the liquid evaporates before removing the skillet from the heat. This step guarantees that your caramel walnuts will have the perfect texture and flavor.

5. Transfer and Season

Quickly transfer the caramel-coated walnuts onto the prepared parchment paper. Spread them out in a single layer, ensuring each nut is evenly coated. Sprinkle 2 pinches of salt on top of the nuts to enhance the flavor and provide a delightful contrast to the sweetness.

6. Cool and Enjoy

Allow the caramel-coated walnuts to cool to room temperature. Once they’ve cooled, break them apart with your fingers, and witness the beautiful clusters of caramel-coated walnuts. Store these delectable treats in a container, but beware—they might not last long due to their irresistible taste.

Notes: A non-stick pan is essential for this recipe. If you opt for a small non-stick skillet, the cooking time may extend by an additional 30-45 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use dark brown sugar instead of golden brown sugar? It’s recommended to use golden brown sugar as it imparts a milder flavor that complements the walnuts without overpowering them. Dark brown sugar might alter the taste and texture.

How long do these caramel walnuts stay fresh? When stored in an airtight container, these caramel walnuts can stay fresh for several days. However, they’re so delicious that they often disappear quickly!

Can I use a regular skillet instead of a non-stick one? While it’s possible to use a regular skillet, a non-stick skillet is preferred as it prevents the caramel from sticking and ensures a smoother cooking process.

Can I add other nuts to this recipe? Absolutely! While the recipe specifically mentions walnuts, you can experiment with other nuts such as pecans or almonds for a delightful twist.

Can I reheat the caramel-coated walnuts if they become sticky after a few days? Yes, you can briefly heat the walnuts in a skillet over low heat to re-crisp the caramel coating. Be cautious not to overheat them.

Are these caramel walnuts suitable for gifting? Absolutely! These caramel walnuts make for a thoughtful and delicious gift. Package them in an attractive container or bag for a delightful homemade present.

5-Minute Caramel Walnuts are a testament to the fact that great flavor can be achieved with minimal effort. This quick and easy recipe brings together the irresistible combination of walnuts and caramel in a delightful treat that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a delectable snack, a party treat, or a homemade gift, these caramel-coated walnuts are sure to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the simplicity of this recipe and indulge in a treat that offers maximum flavor with minimal fuss.