A cowboy decides to buy a horse from a preacher

As the money changes hands, the preacher warns him, “Now this isn’t a regular horse. I’ve taught this one different commands… ” “To get him to run, you must say “Hallelujah!”

And to make him stop you must say “Amen”.” The cowboy thanks him and rides off on his new horse. Later that afternoon, the cowboy decides to test out the horse…

He saddles up and mounts, then kicks his heels, yelling “Heyahh!”…

The horse just stands there, unmoving.

Oh yeah, the rancher thinks, remembering what the preacher said, “Hallelujah!”

As the horse bolts into a dead run, the rancher holds on for dear life… “Woah! Slow down!” He yells while pulling hard at the reins.

But the horse continues running at top speed, straight for the edge of a tall cliff. “Stop! Woah!” he continues…

The horse wouldn’t stop or even slow down.

As the cliff gets closer and closer, the cowboy realizes he is about to die and quickly prays… “God, save my soul and forgive my sins, Amen.”

Suddenly, the horse slides to a stop, right at the very edge of the cliff.

The cowboy, giddy with relief, shouts… “Hallelujah!”