A lady who was given barely three months to live

A priest was instructed by a lady who had been given three months to live that he should bury her with a fork in her right hand. The priest was skeptical about the woman’s request at first, but after hearing her explanation, he was sympathetic and agreed. The woman wanted a fork in her hand when she was buried, and here is why.

Many people think that hope is the last thing someone should ever lose in this life. This theory backs up this proof. Of course, the concept of burying someone with a fork in your hand may appear at first.

After learning that she had a terminal illness, a lady was given just three months to live. The woman phoned the priest and said she wanted to chat to him before making her final arrangements. She talked with the priest about many parts of the funeral.

She informed him what songs she wanted played at the burial, what outfit she wanted to wear, and which Bible she wanted to have next to her, but she left off by saying that she just had one more thing to say.

The woman expressed to the priest her desire to be buried holding a fork. The priest questioned her about her motivations after becoming speechless. She explained since she was aware that he would be surprised.
Every time she went to the restaurant, the woman said to the priest, she overheard the server telling her to keep the fork.

The woman was particularly looking forward to it because dessert was her favorite food. Regardless of whether it was the apple pie or the chocolate cake, the woman was anticipating something greater.

She informed the priest that she believed there would be a better life after this one. The woman also wanted the priest to say precisely what she had instructed him and to keep her fork since the best is yet to come. The priest’s eyes teared up with emotions as he heard the woman’s explanation; he gave her a hug before departing.

In response to the woman’s request, the priest buried the woman with a fork in her hand at the burial while explaining to onlookers why she had told him that.