A man from the social media platform, Reddit, had shared his story how they had took revenge from his cheating stepfather.

He first introduced the people that were involved with the story, as, “Me(24m): me My mother(50f): mom My brother (23m): bro My sister (30f): sis Cheating stepdad(45m): Chris Stepdad’s coworker(25f): Betty The other woman(~40f): Darla”

Then he explained that he moved in with his mother, after she got divorced from his biological father, and how they met with the boyfriend of her mother.

“I moved in with my mom after her marriage of 25 years with my bio dad was ended. He was a manipulative asshole, but that’s another story. Shortly after the divorce, my mom introduced me to her boyfriend at the time, Chris. Now, my mom worked as a correctionals officer at the county jail. The boyfriend was a former inmate, in for a DUI. That should have been the first red flag, but my mom was grieving a long marriage, and I didnt want to push the subject. Chris seemed to make her happy, and that was enough for me.” he explained.

“Me, bro and sis all moved in with mom and Chris, and we seemed get along ok. Chris and I bonded a bit over our loved of video games, and all seemed well. That is, until 2017. Due to Chris’s prior DUI, he had to go in regularly for probationary check ups at the court house. One day, he didnt return, and we got a little worried. We then recieved a phone call from him, from TEXAS.” Then he proceed to explain the situation his mother’s boyfriend was in, as he went missing for a little while, and then reached to them from Texas.

“Turns out, when he arrived at the courthouse that day, he was jumped by the FBI. His family from Texas was implicated on a number of gang and drug related crimes, and due to a situation where he was in a vehicle during a drug handoff, he was on the hook as well. He ended up agreeing to testify against his family members in exchange for a shorter sentence, and allowed to be out of prison before the trial.” He added the details in his situation.

“My mom was distraught, and over the course of many phone calls over a year, they worked out their marriage plans when he returned. His store owner at the DQ he worked at allowed him to come back as well, back to his store manager position.” He stated.

“Soon after, the drinking started. Now obviously, because of his DUI, Chris was clearly no stranger to drinking. He began to drink more and more, to the point where he was consuming half a 24 pack of beer a day. Chris was a mean drunk. He regularly started fights when wasted, and while they never got physical, he wasnt exactly kind with his words. My mom enabled his behavior for several years, saying the stress was getting to him from work and from the upcoming trial.” The post owner stated that Chris, his stepfather had started to drink, and it became a problem for him.

“Finally, after several years, my mom had enough. Chris came home extremely drunk one night, and my mom confronted him. She asked if he’d been drinking, and when he didnt deny it, she kicked him out. He went to live with a friend temporarily. The next morning, mom asked us to help gather a few of his essentials so that he didnt have to reenter the home until he was sober.” He explained that her mother kicked Chris from their home, and didn’t let him in until he is sober again.

“While we were gathering his things, we heard a knock at the front door. We opened it to find Betty, one of Chris’s coworkers and someone I went to high school with. She told my mom she had something important to share.” He explained the turn of the story, as their friends had told them the truth.

“After sitting my mom down and telling her not to share where she got the info from, Betty told my mom about how Chris was cheating on my mom with Darla. How he regularly had Darla perform sexual acts in and around his workplace. How Betty had caught them, and how Chris told her that if she ever told my mom, he’d fire her (he WAS the store manager). And finally… how Darla was pregnant.” The post owner had explained the truth behind his stepfather.

“My mom was angry. After the initial shock wore off, she told us to round up ALL of Chris’s things, and to dump it outside. We took everything of his out of the house and tossed it all in the alley behind our house. Chris had no reason or ability to return to the house (it was rented, with only my mom on the paperwork, so no issues there). In the meantime, she called and confronted him.” He continued.

“He confessed to the entire affair, and that he was happy Darla was pregnant because that meant he’d finally have a child of his own (mom refused to have more kids, we three were massive strains on her body, she likely wouldn’t survive any more). He refused to apologize for any of his actions. My mom arranged for him to collect his items from the alley (with an officer present), and he left our lives.” He stated that his mother had confronted Chris, with his affair.

“Now, my mom clearly wanted to dust her hands of him and move on. She was already quite emotional from the whole ordeal, and wanted nothing more from him. But sis, bro, and I had other ideas.” He had started to talk about that with his sibling, they won’t let it slide.

“First, we called his workplace. DQ operates as an independently owned franchise, and the owner of this branch owned several branches in the area. He was also a good friend. We informed him of the sexual acts being performed on the premises, and he went the the processes of getting Chris booted from his position, and barred him from any of the branches in the area. (Funnily, Betty got his position after he left, and now runs a tight and clean ship.)” he explained that they caused him to be fired from his workplace.

“Chris no longer had a job or a place to live, and so went to live with Darla in a town about an hour away. We found out that he started working at another DQ in THAT town, and informed the owner of that location of the situation. It took significantly longer, due to there being no current indecent actions occurring there, but eventually he lost that job too.” He added that his other job was cancelled because of them too.

“Soon after, Chris began driving around our neighborhood, seemingly stalking my mom and our family, probably because of his job loss. Now, due to the whole situation in Texas, he never had his probation lifted for his DUI, and thus still did not have a license. He never had to drive when he lived with us, since work was local and we could drive him as needed. But here was was, clearly driving around by himself when he shouldn’t be.” He explained that they saw Chris in their neighborhood, and he was in a car, driving, while he shouldn’t be.

“We contacted the police and informed them about Darla’s vehicle in our neighborhood, and that we believed Chriswas driving it, without a license. We told them to pull over the vehicle next time they see it, as it would likely be C driving again. Sure enough, a few weeks later, we were told that Chris indeed was pulled over, and sent back to the local jail for driving without a license, and while intoxicated.” He had stated that the police took care of him, once they caught him driving without a license.

“The police also did a search of the home he was staying at, and found several guns at the premises. Since he was a felon, he was not legally allowed to have weaponry on the premises, meaning there was more jail time tacked on. By the time his hail time had finished, it was just in time for him to be sent back to incarceration in Texas for the trial.” He added that he went back to the jail.

“Chris’s son was born while Chris was in prison. Darla evidently realized what an absolute ass Chris was, and cut ties with him while he was in prison. During his prison time, Chris started sending tons of letters to my mom, stating how sorry he was, pleading to take him back, and ranting about how it wasnt his fault (all in the same letter, mind you). Mom burnt every one of them. We moved on, moving out of state.” He added that Chris’ son had left him too, as he is all alone now.

“Chris evidently got out of prison some years ago, and now lives in Kansas, struggling and fighting child support, which Darla sued him for. Mom now has a new boyfriend, who treats her right and cares a lot more than Chris ever did. Bro and sis moved on and out, and I still live with mom, assisting her with the newly purchased home that we’ve been renovating. Lifes looking ok. I was reminded of this by a chat with a coworker about cheaters, and thought to post it here for others to enjoy.” He concluded that he now is living away from them, and he is not well financially, as he deserves it.