A mother installed security cameras in the baby’s room, but when she checked the footage, she noticed a strange thing.

A mother installed security cameras in the baby’s room, but when she checked the footage, she noticed a strange thing.

A woman decided to install security cameras in her infant’s room, but when she reviewed the images, she uncovered a shocking discovery.

Erika Danielle made the decision to install security cameras in her baby’s room so that she could more easily watch the infant’s activities at night, as any mother who wanted to take care of her kid would do.

The woman was genuinely surprised when she saw the movie since an odd element struck her eye right away.

Erika Danielle thought that it would not be harmful to record her child’s nighttime activities.

The mother believed that by doing this, she would be able to learn right away if the child had woken up, was restless, or had slipped out of bed. It’s simply that what at first glance looked minor culminated in a situation that caused her a good deal of shivers.

When the lady first looked at the images after the cameras were installed in the baby’s room, she was in for a big surprise that frightened her.

The mother specifically saw what she described as “paranormal behavior” in the footage that the CCTV cameras caught.

She made the decision to upload the images on her TikTok account without giving it much thought, and the films soon received millions of views and a wide range of responses from viewers all around the world.

You can see how the child wakes up unexpectedly in the first video and how light appears in the room, looking like a globe and moving fast throughout the room.

The mother shared other videos in which the unusual luminous object appears in her baby’s bedroom after being as sure as she could that what she had seen was real.

The mother believes that her child’s reaction, which appears to be one of total enjoyment upon noticing the light sphere in the room, is a convincing evidence that what appears in the photographs is not only an optical illusion.

The mother, who is becoming increasingly persuaded that “paranormal occurrences” are occurring in her home, posted the pictures on TikTok to demonstrate her point and make everything appear as real as possible.

Users of the Internet had a wide range of viewpoints, as anticipated. Some people choose to accept the woman’s claims, while others assumed that the camera’s recording had problems or perhaps even insects that suddenly appeared in the frame were to blame.