After losing loved ones, the cast of Little People, Big World is devastated by tragedy.

The Roloff family, who gained fame on the reality program Small People, Big World, has suffered a number of losses.

Whatever the case, the tragedy brought the family together.

Celebrity Matt Roloff gave a moving eulogy to his father, Ronald James Roloff, who passed away at the age of 84 earlier this year.

On Instagram, Matt, 60, sent a heartfelt homage to his deceased father.

“A difficult week for the Roloffs… This evening, my father… affectionately known as ‘papa’ to his ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren, went home to be with his Lord and Savior, “In an emotional tribute, he stated.

“Ron was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and many people’s inspiration.”

“Everyone who met him knew he cared about people! His love for Jesus was obvious throughout his life, especially in his latter days.”

About his father’s death from chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Matt has written.

Additionally, Matt lost a brother.

Too quickly after his father’s passing, Matt had to say goodbye to his sibling.

At the age of 34, Josh Roloff passed away in 1999.

As a young child, his significant heart and lung issues were discovered.

His family is still carrying on his legacy decades after his passing.

They even named their book Little Family, Big Values after Josh, saying, “A wonderful son, brother, uncle, and friend who was with us for much too little time in this life. We all miss you and think about you every day, and we hope to meet you again in the presence of our Jesus one day.”

When Amy, Matt’s ex-wife, was celebrating her engagement to Chris Marek, her second husband, she tragically lost her mother, Patricia Knight.

“The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster,” she said in 2019. “Both joyful and depressing. Chris proposed to me, and I was overjoyed.”

“Very sad because a few days later, my father informed me that my mother was in the hospital, and a day later, my sister informed me that my mother had died. On the 24th, she passed away. My heart was broken, I cried, and sorrow overtook me. I had no notion what emotions to expect.”

Unless it was earlier than 2012, of course. Tomás Garrenton, the brother of Isabel, won’t have ever met Jacob.

Tomás tragically perished in a train collision.

Jacob’s wife, Isabel, has pledged that her son will be fully informed about his uncle.

“He’ll know everything about you,” she said a year ago. “You used to make me giggle whenever I wept. So, before you died, you composed some beautiful music. My son, Uncle Tomás, will know everything about you.”

Isabel’s mother had lately passed away as well.

Toni Garreton, Isabel’s mother, died two years after her brother died.

“Grief is an interesting beast,” she wrote on social media at the time. “The pain can be so intense that you have to slam on your brakes while driving down a road in your hometown that you’ve driven to many times with your mother.

“At the time, I think I could smell her scent. Please have a look at her laugh. All of this shows that I cared about her. I was acquainted with her. All of her memories returned to me because they were mine to keep. We were impenetrable. And this route I went with her is one I will return to, missing her each time.”