After placing this dryer sheet over her hairbrush, this woman was shocked at the results afterwards

Most experts say it’s normal to shed up to 100 hairs a day — and as many women know, a lot of those can come off in the hair brush.

Cleaning out that brush — which can build up with a gross mix of lost strands and dust — is an annoying chore, but one beauty vlogger recently shared a pretty genius trick for making cleanup a whole lot easier. 

Iram, who goes by @iramzey on social media, suggests laying a dryer sheet over your brush, and demonstrated the helpful idea in a new video. 

Iram recommends using a used sheet and stretching it out before putting it on the brush. 

Then, she brushes her long, super-shiny hair, showing off the magic of the dryer sheet hack.   

‘I tested this dryer sheet hair brush hack for a couple of weeks and the results were great!’ she told her followers. ‘There were multiple benefits from using a dryer sheet on my hair brush.’   

First and foremost, the sheet makes for obviously easy clean-up. After hair and dust have built up, the sheet can be removed and tossed out, leaving a clean brush underneath. 

Iram also said that her scented sheets left her hair smelling great, and added that they tame flyaways, too.

Because dryer sheets are used to distinguish static electricity in the laundry, beauty fans have long found that they do the same for hair, too — meaning smoother, more controllable strands.