After Pulling a String in an Attic, A man revealed a mystery that had been hidden for nearly 70 years

Over the years there has been many accounts of hidden possessions being discovered.

This man returned to search for family possessions which his father had hidden before they were forced to leave the country.

His father had taught him how to ind the hidden objects but it wasn’t easy to retrieve them. In fact he wasn’t even sure if the items had survived seventy years of wear and tear.

Thankfully, the objects, were recovered and found in perfect condition.

Schlattner, returned to his childhood home and hile in the attic, he looked for a small piece of string that hung from one of the wooden panels. Shelves unfolded and there sat an entire collection of decades-old possessions.

Over the years, Schlattner feared that they would be destroyed because the roof of the house had undergone numerous repairs.

Schlattner’s father hid seventy packages in the attic, tapped to the panel boards with a small hammer to locate the hidden possessions.

“All of them had the same sound, “Then, he tried to find a string which was supposed to detach the boards, which was a system set up by his father.”

Some of the packages were wrapped in brown paper while others were unwrapped. The items included hats, clothes hangers, newspapers, paintings, and even skis.

The packages were also shown to have held umbrellas, paper weights, pens, school tables, unopened cigarettes, badges, books, socks, and sewing kits. Everything has been assessed to be in a good working condition.

The treasures will be kept in a museum in the Czech town of Usti nad Labem as they have been bestowed a high historical value. “The packages were very skillfully hidden in the vault of a skylight,” added Okura.

“It was incredible how many things fit in such a small space. It took more than one hour until we [pulled] everything out.”

According to the manager of the museum that has analyzed the treasures, such a finding of hidden “German property” in the region is very rare.

Sadly, Schlattner has accepted the fact that he won’t be able to keep them and has agreed to help with the identification of the possessions.

“We thought we would one day return, and that [we] would find a property there,” said Schlattner.

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