Annie Wersching, actress from ‘Bosch,’ ’24,’ and ‘Runaways’ passed away at 45 years old

Death is a terribly unpleasant part of life, yet it is still a part of life. The loss of someone who seemed to have so many years remaining in them always stings a bit more.

Our hearts go out to Annie Wersching’s family and friends.

In numerous high-profile films, Annie Wersching played iconic roles that made her a fixture on cinema. Perhaps Runaways, Bosch, and 24 were among of her most memorable roles.

On Sunday, the actress had died away.

Her husband made a statement honoring his adored late wife. “This family’s soul is currently pierced by a vast void. However, she left us the equipment to fill it” he wrote. “In the most mundane situation, she found wonder,” he added.

The grieving husband added, “She could dance without any accompaniment. She showed us that adventure doesn’t always find you. ‘Go locate it. It’s all over. And we’ll locate it.’”

His statement continued, “She would yell “Bye!” until we were out of sight and into the world as I drove our boys, the true loves of her life, down the winding driveway and street.”

“It’s still ringing, I can hear it. Bye, my friend. I cherish you, little family,” he ended with.

Wersching’s co-star from 24, Keifer Sutherland also tweeted a tribute to the late actress writing that she was, “a beautiful person” and “my friend”, and said “my heart breaks” for her family.

Eddie, Ozzie, and Archie Wersching, together with her husband Stephen, are her three surviving sons.

Our thoughts are with the young family. Knowing that she leaves behind such small children makes learning of her departure much more tragic.

Please join us in expressing our deepest sympathies to Annie Wersching’s family and friends as they cope with this unfathomable loss.