Brianna and Roger’s Return To The Future In Outlander Hints At Risky Book Story!

Spoilers for the second episode of Outlander season 7 and the Outlander books are coming. Although Roger, Brianna, and his family arrived safely in the 20th century in Outlander season 7, episode 2, there are signs that their lives won’t get any simpler.

The fantasy romance series Outlander seemed to have reached the conclusion of the sixth Outlander novel, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, with the episode’s ending, which depicted both Wendigo Donner’s intrusion at Fraser’s Ridge and Jamie and Claire’s home possibly catching fire.

Roger, Brianna, and their family appear to be in for some difficult times in Outlander season 7, which follows the seventh novel in the romance-drama series, An Echo in the Bone.

Even though they lived two centuries apart, the eighth installment of the Outlander series promised that Brianna and her parents would correspond via letters. The letters told Roger and Brianna how Jamie and Claire’s lives went on in North Carolina and were sent to Fiona Graham in Scotland as soon as they arrived.

However, Jemmy’s knowledge of the whereabouts of the hidden gold and the mention of it ultimately put Roger and Brianna’s firstborn in jeopardy in An Echo in the Bone. Roger, Brianna, and their kids will soon be in danger as a result of their time travel in Outlander season 7, which is based on the seventh Outlander book.

Future employment for Brianna will unintentionally put Jemmy in danger.

In An Echo in the Bone, Brianna is finally employed by the Hydro Electric Board as a plant inspector in the 1900s, when she meets Rob Cameron.

In response to Rob discovering Roger’s first draught of A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers and Claire and Jamie’s letter to Brianna mentioning the hidden gold, Cameron comes up with a scheme to kidnap Jemmy and have Brianna believe he transported him to the past using the stones in order to force Brianna to learn the location of the gold.

This could lead to more time travel in Outlander season 7 and put Jemmy in grave danger.

Even though Buck MacKenzie is reintroduced as someone who just needs assistance to get home in An Echo in the Bone due to his unintentional voyage into the future, Roger will never forget what he means to him.

In the fifth season of Outlander, Buck accused Roger of adultery and had him hanged by the red coats, which made their reunion problematic at best because Roger had been so close to dying by hanging.

Being forced to assist the ancestor who attempted to kill him will undoubtedly have an impact on Roger, as seen by the fact that he was unable to speak for months following the incident.

As a result, season 7 of Outlander will feature one of the most compelling arcs for Roger’s character to date.