Bus driver didn’t think photo holding crying kid’s hand was a “big deal” – local police thought differently

You probably recall the anxiety and tension you felt on your very first day of school.

While not all kids feel this way, it’s safe to assume that a significant portion of them worry about leaving the house on their own and venturing into the unknown.

Axel, a small boy, was undoubtedly one. He was finding it difficult to accept that he would not be seeing his mother, Amy Johnson, even though she had assured him that everything would be alright.

When Isabel Lane, the bus driver, pulled up to pick Axel up, she saw his fear almost instantly.

“He was all smiles when he saw me around the corner,” Isabel said. “And then I started to slow down. And that’s when you could see his face kind of start to change.”

Amy lifted Axel up and placed him on the nearest bus seat. Then she tried to take her son’s photo so that they’d have a memento for the future.

Only, that would prove harder than imagined. No sooner had Amy began to walk away than did Axel start grabbing for her. It was then that bus driver Isabel did something truly wonderful: she reached her hand behind her and held Axel’s hand.

Through that comforting gesture, Amy was able to get the snap she needed. She uploaded it to Facebook, where it proved to be a popular hit with others.

The local police department even shared the image, praising Isabel for helping Amy during a difficult time.

“I didn’t think it was like that big of a deal personally. I guess this is something that I would do,” Isabel later said.

As per reports, Isabel’s small act of comfort turned out to be precisely what Axel needed. The 10-year-old’s attitude was different the next day – he waited at the stop on his own and said hello to Isabel before hopping onboard.

Way to go, Isabel! I’m sure Amy is extremely thankful for what you did for her son.

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