Cheating husband’s alibi proves much worse than he ever imagined

Regardless of how skillful you think you are at hiding your adultery, your partner will eventually find out about your true nature. Even if they don’t, you will still have to deal with the fact that you have betrayed someone you should be faithful to. Cheating is never a good idea.

I’ll tell you what—a cheating husband and wife—are involved in this joke.

You’re going to laugh over this. Read below.

The woman sharing a bed with her partner is also her husband’s closest friend.

The phone rings as they’re just lying there after spending hours making love.

She answers the receiver because it is her home. The closest friend pays attention, but she only hears what she has to say:

“Hello? Oh, hi… I’m so glad that you called… Really? That’s wonderful… Well, I’m happy to hear you’re having such a great time… Oh, that sounds terrific… Thanks. Okay. Bye-bye.”

She hangs up the telephone and her lover asks, “Who was that?”

“Oh,” she replies, “That was my husband telling me all about the wonderful time he’s having on his fishing trip with you.”

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