Cop Helps Pregnant Homeless Woman And She Gives Him Her Baby

When you’re a police officer, you never quite know what the day will hold for you. You realize you are out there to protect and serve, but sometimes you may be asked to protect or serve in a greater capacity than others.

Nobody knows this better than officer Jesse Whitten. He is a police officer in Santa Rosa, California and he takes care of the community. This included a pregnant, homeless woman who had a drug addiction.

Jesse tried to look after her and make sure she was cared for. He would even find her shelter on occasion.

One day, Ashley, his wife, came out and was doing a ride-along with him. She met the homeless woman and realized she was pregnant. The homeless woman put Ashley’s hand on her stomach, which was the first time she met the child.

The Whitten’s already had three children under eight, all girls. In February, they got a call and found out that the homeless woman had asked them to adopt a baby.

Although they had concerns over the baby’s health, they went ahead with the adoption. The little girl did have some difficulties with withdrawal, but it seems she caught up and is doing quite well.

In the video below, you see Ashley and Jesse, their three daughters, and their future daughter in court. The little girls are giving their permission to make her their adopted sister.