Donnie Wahlberg’s Home Surrounded by Nature Where He Takes Care of His 21-Year-Old Stepson with Autism 

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy once showed off their modest home, which is filled with love and family values. He is committed to his stepson, Evan, who has autism, and together with McCarthy, they provide a safe and nurturing environment for him and his brothers.

Donnie Wahlberg’s upbringing was a difficult one that saw him and his eight siblings growing up on the streets and relying on food stamps. However, their parents, Alma Wahlberg and Donald Wahlberg Sr., instilled values in him and his siblings and taught them the importance of family and love.

These ensured that the actor and musician became an exceptional stepfather to his stepson, Evan Joseph Asher, 21. The star and his wife, Jenny McCarthy, live in a comfortable and inviting home, which is a testament to their love for their family.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Wahlberg grew up in a rough neighborhood where money was scarce. When he or his siblings became sick, there was no going to the doctor, as they had to make do with what they had.

Their parents shared crucial life lessons and taught the future Hollywood actor that happiness wasn’t found in material wealth but in the support of those closest to him. The lesson remained with him throughout his life and influenced his choices and relationships.

He recalled Christmas time as a child, and despite having very little money for gifts, the festive season was one of his favorites. Wahlberg’s family had enough love to go around, and while their wish lists were never fulfilled, they still shared many precious moments. The actor added:

“Christmas was tough sometimes. We didn’t always get a lot of stuff…”

The nine siblings would sit together on the steps waiting for their parents to come out and announce, ‘OK, go down!’ The star recalled that time as one of his greatest memories. He has supported many philanthropic projects since his rise to fame, and his generosity came from his personal experiences with poverty. The actor credits his parents for teaching him the foundation of love, family, and selflessness.

The star’s tough upbringing led him to seek a life filled with good values. His search paid off when he found the love of his life, McCarthy, with whom he has built a solid and loving relationship. Wahlberg always desired a happy family, and his marriage to the actress, television host, and activist has given him precisely that.

The couple’s love story was written in the stars, with Wahlberg sharing an unforgettable moment from his time dating McCarthy. He recalled telling her he had never watched the iconic film “The Sound of Music,” so she immediately played him the song “Edelweiss.”

It was a romantic moment, and the actor knew then that he was falling in love. McCarthy also confirmed her affection for Wahlberg and expressed:

“It was ethereal. I saw no one and heard no one because I was locked in his eyes.”

She recalled how it was a confirmation that they were at the right point in their lives and that Wahlberg is the love of her life and the one for her. The happy couple has blended their families and is raising McCarthy’s autistic son together.

The boy’s health needed the actor to be there for him, and Wahlberg didn’t fail Evan. The “Blue Bloods” actor is an amazing father who doesn’t shy away from parental responsibility, while his wife also adores her stepchildren, Xavier and Elijah.

The pair are from the actor’s first marriage to Kimberly Fey, his first wife. McCarthy’s husband has gratitude and admiration for her, and she’s a wonderful wife, stepmother, and mother, with him stating:

“She’s a great partner, and to simplify it, having someone to build traditions with my children, and it being Jenny, is probably the thing I’m most grateful for.”

The celebrity has gratitude for how his wife managed to blend in with his family and is integral in building new traditions with his children. One of the interesting things about their family is how the duo connects with their children differently.

The actor explained that one of his sons is more reserved and intellectual, while McCarthy’s is more affectionate and open with his emotions. He’s learned how to connect with his stepson differently way from his own children.

Wahlberg undoubtedly holds his wife in high regard and is thankful for their life together. He recognizes the importance of having someone supportive in his corner and is grateful for the connection he shares with his loved ones.

The entertainer shared that he is most grateful for the family he and McCarthy have built together. He hopes his children will pass their unique traditions on to their own children one day.

Inside Their Modest Family Nest
The family lives in a lovely home in St. Charles, Illinois, and despite his celebrity status, Wahlberg has always kept his home life low-key. He said his house is not “extravagant” but reflects the love and family values that are so important to him.

The warm home has plenty of room for the family to enjoy each other’s company. McCarthy and her husband were leisurely renovating their space and didn’t add furniture for some time due to their untidy teenage children.

The pair worked room by room in their renovations and hired interior designer John Wolf to assist. The actor described his home as modest, but that is far from the truth.

The five-bedroom Tudor-inspired abode felt like home the minute the couple walked through the door. The couple envisioned having a functional but comfortable space that allowed them some reprieve from their usually fast-paced world, and they created it.

A look inside Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s kitchen in their Chicago home on October 11, 2019 | Source: YouTube/People

The home is a symbol of Wahlberg and McCarthy’s love for each other, and at the entrance hung a framed print with a message they valued, “Start each day with a grateful heart.” The singer explained:

“I stop here every morning and reflect on how thankful we are to have found each other and to live in this house with the people we love the most.”

Photos of the couple and their beautiful family are scattered around the house, giving it a homey feeling. Inside Wahlberg’s office are various awards from his acting and singing career, but those aren’t what makes him happiest. The star revealed that the “proudest things” in his office are about his family.

The couple is overjoyed at the progress they have made on their dream home. During the earlier phases of their relationship, the duo longed for a simple life where they could live in a small town with their children.

Due to their hectic work schedules, it seemed impossible, but they never gave up on their hopes. McCarthy and her husband vowed to make their dreams a reality, and now those wishes have been fulfilled.

“We’re grateful for every bit of it,” Wahlberg said, and in a video tour of their home, a smile grew on the star’s face as he looked around the house he had worked so hard to create. One person the star shared a close bond with is his stepson.

Taking Care of His Autistic Stepson
Wahlberg and his stepson share a bond that has only grown stronger while creating memories together in their dream home. The actor has always relished being a great father, and his relationship with Evan is no exception.

When he proposed to McCarthy, he made sure Evan was part of the surprise. In a touching moment, Evan presented his mother with cards spelling out, “Will you marry?” before Wahlberg appeared wearing a shirt that read, “Me.” The moment brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and McCarthy immediately said yes.

Evan’s excitement about the engagement was evident as he proudly declared, “I have another dad!” to everyone in the room. Meanwhile, McCarthy couldn’t be happier with her new family and felt “like the luckiest girl in the world.” She expressed gratitude to Wahlberg, describing him as “so wonderful.”

Wahlberg’s close relationship with his stepson is a testament to the love and care that goes into creating a family and how great he is as a father. Thus, on Father’s Day in 2019, McCarthy made sure to mark the day with a heartfelt tribute to her son’s loving stepfather, and two years later, the star shared a video showing various times her husband had spent quality time with his stepson over the years.

On Instagram, McCarthy shared a black-and-white photo of the couple and a message that spoke volumes about the kind of father Wahlberg is. She wrote that her husband gave their children someone to admire, respect, and look up to.

She credited him for being an “amazing father” on top of his other accomplishments. The actress also expressed gratitude for sharing her life, love, and parenthood with him. Despite Wahlberg’s busy schedule and public persona, he remains a devoted family man and a great role model to his children.

In honor of Father’s Day, he made a rare exception and shared two heartfelt photos on social media. In the caption, he expressed his gratitude for the honor of being a father, describing it as the most critical responsibility a man can have in his lifetime.

The star also recognized the millions of other men who share this privilege and encouraged them to continue doing their very best, assuring them it will always be good enough. The first photo, with a throwback feel, showed the singer with his two sons, capturing a special moment from their childhood. The second photo showed him helping Evan put on a tie, highlighting his dedication to being there for his children, no matter what.

The star maintains a happy family despite his difficult upbringing. Wahlberg strongly advocates for active engagement with his children and works on being the best father he can be. Social media posts show the pride he takes in his fatherhood.

For Wahlberg, providing a safe and joyful environment for his loved ones is important. The actor has gone above and beyond to ensure his blended family constantly knows the feeling of unconditional love.