Donny Osmond opens up about his anxiety: How his wife helped him overcome “the dark years” of his career

Donny Osmond is a musician we can listen to over and over again. The renowned performer has spent almost his entire career in the entertainment industry, producing hundreds of songs and appearing in some of the most prestigious venues.

We are all aware that fame and wealth have negative effects on some people, making living in the spotlight risky for them. That results for some in a life that is very destructive and offers no real opportunity for self-expression. Donny Osmond, however, has not experienced that.

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Donny Osmond has the uncommon distinction of being able to sustain his career and popularity for six decades. While he is still a household name today, the famous singer almost lost it all…

Donny has been wed to his devoted wife Debbie for more than 45 years. They actually first met when they were teenagers, but she wasn’t immediately in love with him; instead, she was more intrigued by Donny’s brother. The most significant person in Donny’s life has been Debbie.

The famous singer said she essentially saved his life at one point. Let’s examine their lovely love story in more detail.

He met his wife Debbie when he was 16 years old and she was a 15-year-old cheerleader. He kept his feelings for her hidden from the public for a long time, knowing what was at stake!

The musician was terrified that if gossip publications found out the truth, his popularity would suffer.

”I dated her secretly for three and a half years because I didn’t want Tiger Beat [magazine] to find out,” he told the Drew Barrymore show.

“And then once the news got out that I got married…

“And maybe some of you [the audience] did this, I won’t hold it against you.

“The fans literally had Donny Osmond record burning parties and sent the most scathing letters to Debbie.

“She’s this sweet little girl from Montana, she’s the most amazing woman and saved my life.”

The two had completely different lives; one was an internationally adored superstar, while the other was merely a cheerleader, yet despite their differences, they were able to connect with one another.

“There was something simple about her, and I lived a very complicated life,” he said once in an interview.

When Osmond went solo, his popularity sky-rocketed. “I remember being chased a lot, mostly in England,” Osmond said once in an the interview.

“It was Osmondmania over there. Once we had to hide under a table in a restaurant because there were so many screaming fans rushing after us.”

But even with all the attention, Osmond recalls once crying to his brother about how “lonely” he felt.

He was well aware that if he exposed the truth about his connection, the swarms of screaming admirers would disperse. Despite the danger, he chose to go forward with it. When he announced his engagement to Debbie, the crowds of loving supporters shrank.

According to Osmond, this caused him to crash both financially and professionally, since his career was severely harmed. Despite his ups and downs, his wife Debbie remained steadfast at his side.

His anxiousness was eating him alive on the first night of his performance as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He was frightened of failing after losing his singing career so abruptly.

He recalled how Debbie was able to talk him down.

Debbie helped Donny Osmond through “the dark years” of his career

“Debbie said, ‘Why don’t you go out there tonight and do an average show?’ It ended up being the best show I ever did because I gave myself an opportunity to make a mistake.”

In the end, Donny stayed on the show for over six years – doing around 2000 performances in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

“It started the foundation of me being a multifaceted entertainer,” Osmond concluded.

When appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, Osmond further opened up about how his wife helped him through “the dark years” of his career.

“I was in such a desperate place that Debbie pulled me out of it,” Donny Osmon explained.

“Whenever I make a decision in my life, the first thing I think about is her. How does it affect her? And the second thing I think about is how does it affect my children? The third, now, is how does it affect my grandchildren. And then I’m fourth. If all four of those are a green light, then I’ll do it. I think that is what’s really helped this 43-year marriage is that she comes first. But I love what I do.”

He was able to obtain a residency in Las Vegas and has subsequently starred on many reality television shows. Osmond has made an incredible recovery! Debbie and Osmond have five children and are now grandparents to a total of twelve.

Osmond has also become an outspoken advocate for mental health in recent years, having had a low period in his life and understands how it feels.

“I thought my career was going to be over at 20,” he said. “So I’m so glad I’m going to be able to end it on my terms.”

Overcoming all of his doubts and fears was made possible by his wife Debbie, who remained by his side.

They’ve been married for 45 years, and it appears that their love and adoration for one another has only grown stronger.

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