Entitled Rich Guy Threw My Family’s Stuff off the Public Pool Sunbeds – My 4-Year-Old Son Taught Him a Huge Life Lesson 

When a stranger disrespected my family at the local pool, I was ready to protect those I loved by all means! But, my lastborn son found a way to teach the stranger an important lesson. This led the man to change his ways and apologize. Read on to find out how!

Here’s the tale of how I, and a pompous stranger, both learned humility. It was a scorching summer day in our town, perfect for a visit to the public pool. My husband, Mike, decided to take our four kids Emily (ten), Lucas (eight), Sophie (six), and little Ben (four) for a well-deserved outing.

We arrived early at the local swimming pool to secure a few sunbeds by the poolside. We spread our towels and placed our cooler and beach bag on the beds before heading for the water.

The crowded pool had families and kids enjoying the water. Laughter echoed through the air. Ben, excited by the sight of the pool, immediately jumped into the shallow end. He started splashing around with other kids his age.

His older siblings followed suit. Mike and I watched them from the deep end, relishing the carefree joy of the moment as we enjoyed the day. As we played in the water, a rude young man in his late twenties, sporting designer sunglasses and an air of arrogance, strutted over to our sunbeds.

I watched in horror as, without a second thought, he tossed our towels, cooler, and bag onto the ground! He then claimed the beds for himself, lounging with a smug grin. Having noticed the commotion from the pool, I quickly rushed over.

“Excuse me, those are ours,” I said, pointing at the sunbeds, trying to keep my voice calm. The man barely glanced at me. “Well, they’re mine now. You should have come earlier if you wanted to keep them.”

“That’s not how this works,” I shot back, anger bubbling up inside me. “You can’t just take someone’s stuff and claim it as yours.” He smirked, leaning back on the sunbed. “Watch me.” I was fuming, but before I could respond, Ben toddled over.

His big brown eyes were wide with confusion. “Mommy, why is our stuff on the ground?” I knelt down to his level. “It’s okay, sweetie. We’ll find another spot.” Ben looked at the man and then back at me. His innocent face showed confusion, but he didn’t say anything more.

Not wanting to cause a scene, trying to stay positive, and avoiding messing up the children’s day, Mike and I chose to be the bigger people. We gathered our things and moved to a patch of grass under a tree, trying to make the best of the situation.