Entitled Teen Is against Parents Buying a First-Class Ticket for His Nanny – Mom Is Stunned To Hear This

Growing up wealthy can bring about a lot of first-world problems for children. A mom shared on Reddit how her son hated that they sponsored his nanny’s first-class ticket during an all-expense-paid vacation.

The couple had their first son, Matt, when they were only 17. Their son was now 18, and they had two other children who were 8 and 5 years old, respectively.

A couple chose to buy first class seats for their nanny and her son. | Source: Shutterstock

When they had Matt, they weren’t financially wealthy. However, it slowly improved, and by the time Matt turned 9, they considered themselves fortunate.

When Matt was 11, they decided to send him to a private school given they could now afford it. Changing his school environment brought about a sudden personality change for Matt, and his parents believed immersing him in a class of wealthy teenagers made him elitist.

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Matt Grew Up Entitled

Through the years, the concerned parents tried to mitigate this side of Matt. However, with him hitting adolescence, his stubbornness grew, and it became too much to handle for the parents.

When he was 16, the parents thought they knocked some sense into him. They made him take a part-time job to start taking financial responsibility seriously.

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At first, the parents thought it worked. Working part-time gave him a reality check, as his parents no longer indulged him in luxuries he didn’t need.

However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the boy’s parents realized he hadn’t changed. After being cooped up at home for months, the couple decided to go on vacation.

They no longer indulged him in luxuries. | Source: Shutterstock

The Couple Wanted to Reward May

Rather than giving May a paid vacation back to her home country, they took her on an all-expense paid vacation.

While his parents were planning the vacation one day, Matt overheard them. They talked about paying for first-class seats for May and her son so they could enjoy the same luxuries like the family is used to.

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Matt was appalled. He felt paying for first-class seats was unnecessary as their family was already paying for him. “We were already paying for everything. Let her go economy class if she can’t afford first class,” the mom recalled her son saying.

The mom was shocked. She scolded him and said it was mean for him to say something unnecessary, especially after everything May did for them.

She added how grateful she was for May’s help, as she gave up time for her own child to raise hers – Matt included. “It’s the least I can do,” she replied.

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Still, Matt continued to argue his point. The mom grew tired of his selfishness and said he’d be the one in an economy seat and have to pay for an upgrade to first class if he wanted one. The boy nodded, thinking it was a joke.

Months passed, and they were all ready to head on vacation. Throughout that time, the mom warned her son that his ticket was an economy seat, but he wouldn’t believe her.

Matt had to stay in economy class while everyone else was in first class. | Source: Shutterstock

On the day of the trip, Matt was livid. He realized his mom was telling the truth the entire time.

Matt, a grown 18-year-old, started throwing a fit in the middle of the airport. He discussed how ten hours of flying in a small economy seat would be very uncomfortable.

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His mom responded bluntly that he had six months to earn money for an upgrade and had been warned multiple times. Matt spent the entire trip angry. He claimed it was torture having him sit in economy and it spoiled the whole trip for him.

The woman’s husband agreed with her. They felt it was right to teach their son a lesson, especially after realizing how badly he thought of other people.

A user comments on the mom's decision. | Facebook.com/Bored Panda

However, the woman’s parents felt she went too far. She doesn’t think so, but after hearing their comments, she began thinking twice about her actions.

People on the internet commended the mom and her choices. They even noted how lucky Matt was that his parents still allowed him to tag along.

A user comments on the mom's decision. | Facebook.com/Bored Panda

Do you think the woman did the right thing? What would you have done in her situation?