Every day she heard loud noises from the garage, when her hubby’s secret is revealed, she’s in tears

Brad Soden has gone through a variety of situations throughout life. The former American soldier not only took part in the first Iraq War, but also afterwards saved countless lives as a firefighter.

Brad, his wife Liz, and their three children reside in Phoenix, Arizona. For a while, Brad relished the dream.

However, everything changed on August 15, 1999, the day of the disaster.

In their truck, Brad and Liz had their children with them. Liz was operating the vehicle when the left front tire burst. The vehicle veered off the road after she lost control of it.

Fortunately, only minor bruises were sustained by the couple’s three boys. Brad’s wounds were slightly more severe; he shattered his leg. Liz, however, found herself in a dreadful situation: she shattered her back and was left immobile from the waist down.

After being transported to the hospital for surgery, Liz was given her diagnosis by her doctors when she awoke. Liz believed that her life had ended. She believed her boyfriend at the time, Brad, would break up with her for a “normal woman.”

Brad’s reaction? At the hospital, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Of course, Liz said “yes” and the couple was soon married.

The entire family helped Liz along the way on her difficult path to recovery.

Despite being a strong lady, Liz found it very challenging to adjust to her new life in a wheelchair. Particularly considering that hiking had been one of the family’s favorite pastimes.

Liz tried to follow along after the accident, but she soon realized that her wheelchair wouldn’t be able to go across the rough terrain she loves to walk.

Liz tried to follow behind after the accident, but she soon realized that the rocky terrain she loved to trek in would be impossible for her wheelchair to handle.

She pleaded with her relatives to continue while crying. Brad was heartbroken by that sight and vowed never to let it happen again.

Brad served as a maintenance technician in the army, where he was in charge of maintaining and cleaning tanks.

Because of his work, he was motivated to create a unique wheelchair for Liz, one that could travel off-road and accompany the family everywhere they went.

But it was simpler to say than to do. Brad worked in the garage for days on end. He didn’t go outside much on some days, and he occasionally snapped.

Liz and the neighbors grew accustomed to the obnoxious racket emanating from the garage.

Brad’s challenge? to create a silent electric engine that might be used at campsites and in the woods.

After many hours, Brad had at last discovered the answer. He called Liz to the garage and presented her with a special wheelchair that had tank treads as a surprise!

Brad’s creation attracted attention. The leaders of the high-tech business NPC Robotics were among those who were impressed by the all-terrain wheelchair.

The business helped Brad and created a prototype based on his design. Liz’s new wheelchair is quick, quiet, and designed for off-road travel thanks to current technology.

Nowadays, when the family goes for a hike, Brad and the kids struggle to keep up with Liz.

What a fantastic creation! Not only has Brad demonstrated his deep love for Liz, but he has also demonstrated his creativity and perseverance.

What a great example of how to help your loved ones! When someone in your family falls, help them get back up!

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