Ex-child Star Jonathan Lipnicki Grew Long Hair & Moved to ‘Peaceful’ Oklahoma: Photo of Him at 33 

Jonathan Lipnicki, well-known for his fame as a child star, has long hair and moved to Oklahoma. When he appeared in a recent video, fans were amazed by Lipnicki’s great looks.

Jonathan Lipnicki in a recent interview posted on December 8, 2023 | Source: YouTube/Brotherly Love Podcast

In a rare occurrence, ex-child star Jonathan Lipnicki appeared on the “Brotherly Love Podcast” for an interview last month. The now 33-year-old has grown his hair long and no longer lives in Los Angeles.

Andrew Lawrence — one of the people Lipnicki did the interview with — shared a post to his Instagram account discussing their conversation. He explained that the “Stuart Little” star spoke about people being unable to recognize him anymore.

After the post was made, a flurry of people were taken aback by how much Lipnicki had grown since he was a child. Someone was so surprised that they hadn’t even realized it was the former child star they were looking at in the first place: “That was Jonathan Lipnicki?! Wow!”

Although some were amazed to see Lipnicki, who has been living in “peaceful” Oklahoma for “nine months,” they also praised how good he looks. In reference to both Lawrence and Lipnicki, someone gushed: “Both of you are handsome now, that’s the fact .” Another swooned: “You both were adorable little kids and grew into handsome men!”

In the same podcast interview, Lipnicki also spoke about his life and career in Hollywood. During the conversation, Lipnicki, who plans to cut his long hair soon, asserted: “There’s nothing I would take back at all. I love it, and I found out what I want to do for the rest of my life when I was five years old.”

Jonathan Lipnicki at the premier of "Jerry Maguire" in New York City in 1996 | Source: Getty Images

At some point, the discussion veered toward the unique experience that child stars tend to face when met with fame at a young age, compared to children who get to have a normal childhood. However, Lipnicki credited his parents for doing their best to look out for his interests and well-being: “My parents did an amazing job as far as really helping me balance everything.”

His parents would always check in on him after projects to see if their son still had a desire to continue in show business, which he did. Jonathan Lipnicki also highlighted the flip side of the entertainment industry, which is hard and grueling.

He advised those who may be interested in the business to be sure that it is something they really have a passion for before getting invested.