Father Finds Out Daughter Is Bullying Girl for Her Looks, So He Befriends Victim

When a father found out his daughter was a bully, he reacted unexpectedly. He befriended the victim and helped her face the challenges in a special way.

In 2017, a father from South Carolina taught his daughter a valuable life lesson. When he discovered that she was bullying a classmate, the father chose to intervene in a commendable manner.

He took the girl who was being bullied on a shopping spree. He also used the money he had saved for his daughter to pay for the victim, Ryan Reese. These funds allowed her to have her hair done.

A father took the girl who was being bullied by his daughter on a shopping spree | Photo: Youtube/Strahan, Sara and Keke

She Learned A Life Lesson

The father, Randy Smalls, shared that he also faced bullying as a child. Randy wanted his daughter, Re’Onna, to see that her behavior was wrong and hurtful. She went along for her victim’s shopping spree and said she learned a big life lesson.

Randy told his daughter, who was part of the group that laughed and made fun of Ryan, that if she laughed along, she was “co-signing the bullying.”

Randy said: “My daughter was upset, especially because she is into fashion. So she came with us and helped pick out Ryan’s new clothes.” The shopping spree and show of affection were not one-off occurrences.

The Young Girl Was Depressed

Randy still helped Ryan shop for clothes and took her to the hair and beauty salon on a regular basis. Richauna revealed that following the deaths of her grandfather, father, and aunt, her daughter had also been experiencing hardships.

This, paired with the bullying, took her down into a dark depression. Randy’s kindness helped rebuild her confidence and gave her a new vigor to face the people at her school.

Randy also had a message for other parents who have to deal with their kid’s bullying. He said:

“We have to take responsibility for what our children do. When situations like this happen, we have to take action and be the parent and not the friend.”

Ryan and Re’Onna are “cool now,” Ryan’s mother says. Sadly, bullying occurs frequently in schools and frequently leaves children emotionally damaged. Ryan’s scars are beginning to heal because of one loving father.

A girl was depressed after she was bullied but a kind father helped her feel good about herself | Photo: Youtube/Strahan, Sara and Keke
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Re’Onna has learned from experience that you never know what someone is going through, so she no longer bullies people. Now, if Re’Onna sees Ryan being bullied at school, she defends her.

Ryan is thankful that things have significantly improved even though she initially thought that after Re’Onna’s dad handled it, everything would return to normal. Ryan was even invited by Re’Onna’s father to accompany him and his daughters to their school’s yearly Valentine’s Day father-daughter dance.

Given New Dresses

Re’Onna and Ryan were also showered with brand-new gowns.When Steve Harvey’s group contacted a Myrtle Beach clothing store, the two young ladies were given a special treat.

Ryan has made significant progress since her bullying days. She said that although the new dress made her feel like a queen, she felt most like herself.