Fighting with illnesses and being broke didn’t prevent this couple from building their dream house

With two cargo containers and having no budget, the couple made a cozy house! ????????Today’s incredible story will let no one remain indifferent! ???? See more photos in this article! ????

The territory of the house that this couple lives in is no more than 37 square meters. Of course, it seems hardly feasible to live here, but it, in fact, has become one of the most comfortable places to live for millions of people.

Having no financial opportunities, the broke couple made a house out of cargo containers. Using only two of them, they could construct a two-storey house. The incredible story of this couple began in 2014 obtaining a territory in Washington.

Dave, however, was soon diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage. He even spent much time in a rehabilitation center. Fortunately, he could survive and the family soon started to turn their plans into reality.

He, unluckily, lost the right side of his body, but this didn’t stop him from pursuing his cherished dream. As he claimed, it was the construction work that helped him recover from the terrible ailment.

In 2016, the house was ready and the man, miraculously, gained the mobility of 85 percent of his body. On the first floor there is the bathroom, the guest-room and a pantry for storing things.

What concerns the second floor, there is a balcony and the bedrooms. It also has a wonderful view which lets no single one remain indifferent.