For the Cost of an Iphone He made a House of only 89 Squares, but Wait Until you See Inside

When his pals saw his diminutive dwelling, they literally peed their pants with mirth. But now that they’re inside, they feel humiliated. This kid is so smart, he built a house for the price of a cell phone.

Luke Thiull, a young genius who is only 13, is not your typical prodigy. Luke was busy creating something great when most kids his age were thinking about their crushes at school or during PE.

Luke from Iowa put up a house in his backyard for the price of an iPhone. Look what’s on the inside!

Luke, unlike most teenagers, doesn’t spend his time glued to his electronic device. He opted to display a little sweat in the more traditional fashion.

In the video embedded below from his YouTube channel, he discusses his lifelong dream of home construction in detail.

Like decided to paint it alive after much deliberation, planning, and study.

The total floor space is around 89 square feet, and its length is 10 feet and width is about 5 and a half feet. There is power, but no water or plumbing, so no sink or shower just yet.

Luke commented, “I liked the minimalism, and I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.”