Found in my dads room, really hoping its not a inappropriate thing

Some people enjoy exploring antiquated shops, while others stumble upon hidden treasures in their basements. However, they share a common experience—they encounter peculiar items and initially struggle to discern their purpose. Fortunately, the internet abounds with experts ready and willing to assist in unraveling these enigmas.

1. “Found in a kitchen drawer. Stiff, but still bends a little.”

Answer: “It goes through a hole at the end of measuring spoon sets to keep them together.”

2. “Received a random Amazon parcel addressed to me that I didn’t order, what is this thing?”

Answer: “It looks like a gripper to hold fish by the mouth without harming them.”

3. “Found in my dad’s room.”

Answer: “It goes over shoes to give a grip on ice.”

4. “What is this stabby thing on wheels that arrived in the mail by mistake from Jamaica, NY?”

Answer: “It’s for weeding cracks and crevices.”

5. “A co-worker collects mystery objects and can’t identify this.”

Answer: “It’s a spark tester for a small engine.”

6. “Found this rubber thing on my stoop.”

Answer: “Water bottle holder.”

7. “Dinner table conversation… What do you think it is?”

Answer: “Lemon juicer.”

8. “Why is this toilet bowl shaped this way?”

Answer: “To hold a bedpan to collect specimens.”

9. “Colorful, plastic objects found at a thrift store. What is it?”

Answer: “Possibly pieces to a children’s play set of some sort.”

10. “What is this? A small bakelite toilet container with a spoon.”

Answer: “Could be a little salt well or ‘salt cellar’ or ‘salt pig’. They have spoons about this size and the bowl of this is pretty small.”

11. “Got this for free as a giveaway at a convention… I have no idea what it could be.”

Answer: “It’s a portable trash bag/dog poo bag holder.”

12. “Kids got these for Halloween. They are thin plastic, and say OM 5/22 made in China on the back.”

Answer: “They are stencils, popular in the 90s.”

13. “Golden-coloured opaque glass object about 25cm tall. Weights about 40g.”

Answer: “It’s a decor item.”

14. “Found this at a garage sale…”

Answer: “For opening a soft-boiled egg.”

15. “Metallic rocket-shaped object. Has three fins, & the end of a screw is sticking out of the base.”

Answer: “Salt and pepper shakers.”

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