George Maharis, ‘Route 66’ and ‘Fantasy Island’ actor Dead at 94 – rest in peace

Everyone must, regrettably, deal with the unpleasant reality of death. Some incredibly adored celebs passed away this month.

All those who loved him are now devastated by the news of the great actor George Maharis. To find out more about the actor and his life, keep reading.

George Maharis was most notable for his work on Fantasy Island and Route 66. For his brooding good looks and charm, the actor was adored by millions of people all over the world.

His longtime buddy Marc Bahan took care of him as he grew older, and it was Bahan who posted the sad news of his good friend’s passing on Facebook.

“George Maharis passed away on Wednesday, May 25. George is well known for his stardom in route 66, stage productions, singing, artist, and above all a great guy would do anything for anyone. My dear friend, you’ll be terribly missed,” Bahan wrote in his post.

On Route 66, Maharis portrayed the well-known character Buz Murdock. With his performance, the actor gained notoriety. For the first three seasons of the program, he played the lead role, which led to a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Continuity of Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Series.

The actor was raised in Astoria, Queens, where he was born. Before beginning his career in Hollywood, he spent 18 months in the U.S. Marines. His first break came in 1958 when he was cast in Jean Genet’s off-Broadway drama Deathwatch.

Soon after, in 1960, he played a freedom fighter in Exodus in his first movie role.Before being cast in Naked City, the actor’s television career gained momentum after he made an appearance in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow.

Maharis’ career was established with the spin-off for Naked City called Route 66. Prior to being forced to quit a CBS production in 1962 owing to health difficulties, he portrayed Buz for three seasons. The actor was being treated for hepatitis at the time.

    The actor passed away after having lived an eventful life. We are keeping his friends and family in our thoughts and request for you to do the same.

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