Groom Flees from Bride from in Front of Altar, Sends Message to Her Sister a Few Days Later

She was perfectly made up and had her hair styled to the nines as she stood in her wedding dress. She was getting ready for the rest of her life to start. It was, however, close to making a complete turn around.

A woman was thrilled to exchange vows with her future husband on their special day, but she quickly realized that it would turn out to be one of the most devastating days of her life since her future husband did something she could never have predicted.

On her wedding day, the woman acknowledged feeling nervous, but in a healthy way. She was actually excited and beaming from ear to ear as she joyfully envisaged her future with him and their life together with their son.

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The woman shared: “I felt like a princess, but I didn’t know my fairy tale ending was about to come crumbling down around me.”

What Happened On The Wedding Day? Instead of hearing him declare he would take her as his wife as the woman stood at the altar with her soon-to-be husband, who had been gazing lovingly at her minutes before, he said:

“I just can’t do it.”

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Shortly before her mother got up and threatened to kill her lover, the woman became perplexed and inquired as to what her partner had said. She cried out as she knelt down on her hands and faces.

Someone shouted for someone to follow him as the wedding crowd stood. The bride, nevertheless, yelled at them to stop. Then, as she sobbed in their arms, her mother and sister joined her on the ground.

The groom then instructed the bride’s wedding guests to allow the bride some space since she was too stunned to go back into the dressing room where she had made preparations for this momentous occasion and her future.

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The woman spent the following few days at her sister’s place, where her sister made an effort to give her grapes and coffee. The woman claimed that despite expecting him to text her, she would refrain from sending her “runaway” a message.

She later discovered that all of his belongings had vanished when she went back to the house they shared.

“I kept looking for his things, but, truthfully, all I really wanted to find was him. I felt like if I could just see him standing there, see his face again, I could somehow fix things.”

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She was expecting a text from her future spouse, but it never arrived. Instead, she spoke with her “runaway” a week after he had abandoned her at the altar and informed her that he was unable to wed.

The man texted her sister in place of his abandoned bride to express his desire to be content and to express the same to her. Then he informed the bride’s sister that he was not the right one.

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The woman discovered on Facebook that he had moved on from her three months after he had abandoned her at the altar. The bride who had been left behind explained that it had been two years since she had been left at the altar and that what had pained her the most was that he had taken their son.

She expressed her sadness that he had abandoned the life of the adorable youngster and recalled her son’s pleas:

“Mama, I want Daddy back.”

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However, she is now confident that she can raise her son alone and hopes she can one day explain precisely what happened. In the meantime, she says she refuses to be known as the woman who was left at the altar and said she was rewriting her narrative and has even been on dates since.

She hopes to one day be able to precisely describe what occurred and is now sure that she can raise her son on her own. She has subsequently gone on dates and claims she is changing her story because she does not want to be remembered as the woman who was abandoned at the altar.

How would you react in this circumstance? Would you rather face the heartbreaking truth that your beloved could not marry you or would you let your wedding guests go after your fugitive partner?