Head Scratching: People Confused By These 10+ Odd Things They Found on the Internet.

Numerous individuals have stumbled upon enigmatic objects or phenomena, only to find solace in the vast realm of the internet, where inquisitive minds and experts converge to unravel these mysteries. In the following piece, we’ll present 11 extraordinary encounters people have had and unveil the insightful solutions offered by the online community as to what these odd things may be.

Odd Things Under Lotion Bottles

 bottom of a lotion bottle

““What is this little ramp thingy on the bottom of a lotion bottle?” nohurrie32  replied: “It’s for the manufacturing of the product so that it can be turned while standing up.”

An odd little desk?

bed/lap desk

“What is this thing? The inside opens up to empty space, it’s disconnected from the desk below.” Reddit user crunchsmash said: “It’s a bed/lap desk. There’s supposed to be a metal bar underneath that slots into the wooden tray, so you can prop it up at different angles for reading and stuff”

A strange wall decoration

soap dish holder or toothbrush holder

“Found in a house we just bought. Made of metal and screwed into the wall, has a hole in the middle. Located in bathroom by shower.” Luckily, Reddit user Happy_Cranker had the answer: “This is either a soap dish holder or toothbrush holder, but it’s missing the middle part that held the ring. Does that make any sense in the context of where it is located in the bathroom? Could have been a holder for a hand towel as well. I remember seeing these in houses from the 60’s and 70’s.”

Odd things in doors


“It’s called a ’speakeasy’ and it’s for talking to someone without having to open the door.” 3rdCoastTxn from Reddit replied to the question: “What is the purpose of this little door in the door?”

“My girlfriend brought it when we moved in. What is this?” It definitely tops the list of odd things we’ve seen.

abs exerciser

“It’s an abs exerciser.” – jackrats / Reddit

“Found in house during a remodel. It’s six inches long with a stone on the end. Google image search says it’s a pin but the end is dull. Any ideas?”

pipe poker tool

“Looks like a pipe poker tool for a pipe bowl.” – KevOSinKS / Reddit


clothes pegs

“My clothes pegs are all individually numbered. Why is that?” Reddit user  3-cent-nickel knew why: “Different molds have different numbers so if they start coming out of the machine messed up, they can identify which mold needs replacing.