Her lover proposed to her and presented her with a stunning diamond ring. When the woman discovered the receipt in his pocket, things changed…

A lady complained on the Internet that the ring she received with her marriage proposal is too little and cheap, rather than being happy that she would spend the rest of her life with her beloved man.

The woman wrote: “He asked me to be his wife and gave me the ring he chose – a white gold solitaire diamond. I was very happy and accepted, but I was disappointed when I saw the ring. The stone was too small“.

“I do not dislike the ring itself. And I would have chosen a solitaire diamond. But I dislike the color of gold and the stone that is too small. ”

As if that weren’t enough, the new fiancée was also dissatisfied with how much the engagement ring cost. She saw the store’s receipt and was disappointed to discover that her lover was a little “cheap”.

“He has a high salary and is usually very generous. I would have expected him to spend a lot more money on a piece of jewelry that is so important. ”

Everyone who read this woman’s message obviously had negative things to say about her post.

People advised her to accept the marriage proposal and not worry too much about the ring’s price or appearance.