Here is a beautiful, simple, and creative trick for all those who have a corner of the garden that would need a unique note.

Here is a lovely, practical, and imaginative tip for anyone who has a garden spot.

All you need to do is get a bag of cement, a pair of gloves and scissors.

Open the bag, mix the cement according to the instructions on the package, and get ready to use the gloves.

Put cement very carefully in the gloves, then lead the cement to the fingers of the gloves and make sure that no air bubbles remain.

As the cement begins to dry, try to give the fingers a natural bending shape. This will be very important then.

After the cement dries completely, cut an edge of the gloves to peel them and discover your creation.

Keep peeling the gloves, at this point, you have to remember that patience is the key!

Take your creation to the garden and put your favorite flowers in the hands you just built!

Not only is it a wonderful weekend project, but no one in the neighborhood will have pots like yours.

That’s if your neighbors don’t read the same article as you!