How Macaulay Culkin’s Wife Saved Him And Gave Him A Family

It’s hard to believe that Macaulay Culkin is in his 40s. When most of us think about the actor, we automatically think about him appearing as a child in the Home Alone movies.

These days, Macaulay Culkin is back in the news again but this time, it is for something different. He tends to keep to himself and he does live a private life, but is difficult not to know when a child is born to a child star.

He and his fiancée, Brenda Song (34) Have a second child that was born around Christmas. His name is Carson and it’s amazing that most people didn’t even know about the pregnancy.

Culkin and Have Two Sons, Dakota, Named after Culkin’s late sister who died in 2008, and now Carson. Even Dakota’s birth was a surprise to many people, as they kept it under wraps until they eventually released a statement saying that they were overjoyed.

The two have been together since 2017 and in 2022, they got engaged shortly after Dakota was born. Song said that her relationship is unbelievable because she enjoys spending her life with him. He admitted to her that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop, then he just realized he was on to something good.

Both Culkin and dddSong are very hands-on when it comes to parenting. They like to support as a family rather than having a nanny, but Brenda’s mother has assisted them since Dakota was born.

Brenda also spoke about how important communication is for the two of them. She said that they both have their set duties, but they try to be flexible enough to communicate and to continue to bond.

She said: “I think when you and your partner have kids, especially the first few months, you don’t have the patience to be polite with each other.” She added, ’’Being communicative when you need help is so important. Instead of having set duties, we just feel each other out.”

Some people said that Culkin was not going to pursue any more romantic bonds after he split with his significant other in 2017. During the filming of Changeland, Brenda enters his life and it wasn’t long before they were a couple.

Both of them were child stars and it was that shared background that helped them to form a bond over the challenges they faced in their younger years.

It’s nice to see that Culkin has found love again and we are happy to see how they have such a good approach to being parents.