If you can find the girl in this picture, then you have a very high IQ … The answer is below

A person’s IQ can be determined through tests. And there are pictures that can help.

German artist Jorg Dusterwald specializes in body art. It is a real art of a special kind of activity.

The author creates masterpieces on human bodies, performing incredible creative work. He has been practicing this art for 20 years, and without a doubt, he does it very well.

His works, which have won many awards, are made against the background of nature, in door boxes and garages. But wherever the artist brings his colors, he challenges the audience.

He so skillfully fits the model into the pictures of the plot that not everyone can find it. One of his works has become a global hit on the Internet.

Yorg published a photo on the Internet and appealed to the users of the world wide web, asking to find the hidden girl.

Can you find the twisted woman faster than 5 seconds? If yes, it means that your brain works in a special way and your IQ level is above average.