It’s illegal to look so hot at 60!: Demi Moore again proved that age is just a number for her

Demi Moore forgot how old she was and showed her naked body in nothing but a tiny bikini! ???????? The fans of the actress even had to double-check the actress’s age!

The recent photos of this Hollywood actress quickly made a splash on social media. When one looks at this stunning woman, it becomes rather hard to believe that she is 60 and already a grandmother. But every time she proves that her beauty is timeless.

She never ceases to show that age is just a number for her and nothing can spoil her unearthly beauty. The iconic film star does her best to keep herself fit and healthy. She follows a special diet and never misses her regular physical activities.

What she eats a day and how much physical activity she keeps on a regular basis shapes her stunning body and inner harmony. Even some 20-year-olds would dream of a body like that. Her most recent look in a tiny black bikini made a splash becoming the subject of discussions.