Kevin Costner’s Wife Moves into Staff House While He Vacations in His $250,000 a Week Estate

The divorce between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner, his ex-wife, has been bitter.

The actor and his wife separated recently after many years of marriage.

News came that Baumgartner had requested a divorce from her husband, citing irreconcilable differences, 19 years after the couple wed in 2004.

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner at the Davis Cup USA v Croatia Day 2 in 2005 | Source: Getty Images

A Costner representative made the announcement of the divorce, claiming that the actor’s marriage had ended due to circumstances beyond his control. The filing was “an unpleasant surprise,” according to a source close to the actor, although he wasn’t entirely “shocked” by the development.

Baumgartner Moved Into the Staff House

Kevin Costner at the Cannes Lions Festival 2018: Day 4 | Source: Getty Images

According to sources, Baumgartner reportedly refused to leave the family home where she and Costner had lived for the majority of their marriage after the couple’s divorce was made public.

Christine Baumgartner, her sons Hayes and Cayden, and her daughter Grace Avery arrive at the Roissy airport on January 15, 2013 in Paris, France | Source: Getty Images

Recent events, though, indicate that she has formally left the property.

There were rumors of a U-Haul truck outside the house that Baumgartner and Costner shared throughout their marriage the day after Baumgartner was spotted performing errands in Montecito.

Christine Baumgartner in Santa Barbara in May 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Outside the property, boxes containing Baumgartner’s belongings were also visible. Now we know where Baumgartner is going to settle.

Kevin Costner at Legoland California with his sons in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Costner reportedly spent the moving trucks’ arrival outside the home of the split wife while on vacation with his three kids at his $250K per week mansion in Aspen, Colorado.

Baumgartner is relocating in accordance with legal advice, a source close to the couple revealed.

Christine Baumgartner in the Kevin Costner's Aspen estate | Source:

Baumgartner has reportedly received advice telling her she should move to a smaller house on the same property as her shared home with Costner. The source shared:

“[Baumgartner] will stay at a smaller house on the property that’s been used as a staff quarter.”

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner at the 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' premiere at El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

She will continue search for another home in the neighborhood, according to the source, who described it as a temporary fix.

Baumgartner will continue to be at the location because she wants to maintain her kids’ life as normal as possible and doesn’t want to cause any disruptions.

Kevin Costner's Aspen estate | Source:

A significant portion of the divorce settlement that Costner and Baumgartner are negotiating includes the outstanding property portfolio that he and his family have benefited from over the years.

The actor owns a property close by in addition to his principal abode in Santa Barbara, California. Additionally, he owns a home in Aspen, Colorado, where he married Baumgartner in 2004.

Kevin Costner's Aspen estate | Source:

Aside from his restaurant in South Dakota, Costner also owns a condo in Los Angeles.

Costner’s Aspen property was highlighted in a YouTube video by CNBC four years prior, while a another YouTube video offered a house tour a year prior.

Kevin Costner's Aspen estate | Source:

Because there are so many amenities on the property, including as lakes, sports courts, and relaxing areas, Costner rents the stunning inside and exterior of the home for a minimum of one week at $250K.

The house is perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking a stunning lake, but the warm interior is what really stands out. The home has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, and the patio space is vast, where Baumgartner and Costner got married. The main home can accommodate sixteen people, another house can accommodate twelve, and a smaller cottage may accommodate eight.

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner at the special screening of "Hidden Figures" on December 10, 2016 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Costner’s divorce was challenging, but he still supports his ex-wife by giving her $129k in child support each month. In response, Costner has vacationed in Aspen with his kids.