Kitten thrown from vehicle gets adopted by responding police officer

It is horrifying to see how cruel some people can be to animals, but fortunately there are also good people in the world who are prepared to step up and show these creatures the compassion they so richly deserve.

That was the case recently when an officer went to a report of a cat being tossed from a car and realized that they had been brought together by fate.

Someone in Harrisonburg, Virginia, saw a kitten being thrown from a car. They were unable to keep the cat themselves, so they took the miserable kitten home to be bathed.

Officer Timothy Rugg from the Harrisonburg Police Department answered the phone and agreed to pick up the cat and take it to the neighborhood SPCA. The cat, however, rapidly developed a close bond with her new human buddy, climbing up and cuddling on his neck.

“She was hiding under a couch,” Officer Rugg told WHSV. “I reached under and got her. She immediately crawled onto my shoulder and perched onto it like a parrot and started purring.”

When they arrived at the SPCA, the kitten reportedly wouldn’t leave the officer’s side, and Rugg found that the shelter was almost full. They were intended to be together, and Rugg was aware of this.

“I just felt like she wanted to be with me,” he told WHSV. “I thought I was a dog person, but we just kind of bonded immediately and I just knew I had to take her with me.”

Officer Rugg adopted the kitten, who was later given the name Charlie, and completed a foster application. These days, the two bring out the best in one another.

“She was super scared when I got her, but now she’s just super active. I’m having to arrange my entire apartment just to make it safe for curious Penny,” Officer Rugg said, adding that Charlie “makes his day better” and helps him relax.

“Officer Rugg and Charlie are now a bonafide crime fighting duo,” the Harrisonburg Police Department wrote. “Charlie’s favorite job is surveillance from Officer Rugg’s shoulder, as well as power napping and being adorable.”

“We are grateful for all of our officers and their willingness to answer every kind of call, day in and day out, and adapt to all kinds of situations…even fluffy ones with whiskers.”

We’re very relieved that everything turned out okay and Charlie was able to find a wonderful new home despite the tragic fact that he was tossed out of a car! It’s undoubtedly intended to be.

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