Like two peas in a pod: this is how the attractive son of famous Clint Eastwood became

He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a successful model and actor.

An extremely well-known actor, Clint Eastwood is best recognized for his parts in American westerns. The attractive actor won the hearts of millions of women with his masculinity and good looks.

He becomes a real hero to many of the women who fall in love with him. Despite having numerous women in his life, he only got married twice.

However, it is undeniable that the actor was not a faithful spouse to his wives. Clint Eastwood never concealed his liaisons with various women. Our modern-day hero was brought into the world by an extramarital affair.

The actor had been wanting to give his son recognition for a while.

At first, Clint was positive that Scott wasn’t his son. When Scott was sixteen, he had his first conversation with his father.

Clint was shocked to see how much he looked like him in his early years.

He came to the conclusion that since he resembled his father so much, a DNA test was not necessary. Scott was happy that at last he started to trust his father.

Scott decided to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Without a doubt, it was the right choice.

The actor’s fans were shocked seeing his son. How much can father and son look like each other?