A Redditor, u/Own_Antelope3340, shared a story about adopting in Reddit’s r/AITAH subreddit. The man shared that his wife wanted to adopt her niece and nephews after her sister was arrested, but the man didn’t wanted to adopt the niece of his wife.
The OP stated, sister of his wife was a drug addict, which also she was a dealer too. After she was caught in action, OP stated his wife’s sister will be away for a long time, due to her crime. The man shared that his sister-in-law had three children, two boys who are 4 and 5, and a girl, who is 14.
OP said no other family members besides his wife wanted to care for the children. But the OP stated he will accept the children under two conditions, first they will adopt them, as he doesn’t want to listen to others about how they will parent the children, and second, he only wanted to adopt the boys, as he didn’t wanted the niece of his wife.
OP reasoned his demands, as he stated, the boys were young, and even if they are terrors at the house currently, they can be taught to turn right. But he stated for the niece, “The girl has gone pass the point of no return.”
OP shared, the niece had spelled from her school more than once, and she was violent, as she was fighting with others constantly, she had smoking problems, and she once stole from them, as she did stole from the whole family. Also, she was having relationship with a gang member, whom was arrested for home invasion.
As OP shared, they had talked with his wife for a week, and couldn’t fing a solution. The OP said, he doesn’t want to risk their financial and personal security, as his wife was insisting that she can’t leave her niece in the dark.
The Redditors who read the story, stated that the OP was an “AH,” as he was wrong not wanting the niece of his wife, and letting her go, as he might as well help her to change, and build a new life for her.
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