Man Installed Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom after Noticing It Was Messy When He Got Home

A man returned to his night shift as usual after installing a hidden camera in his apartment. A notification popped on his phone, alerting him about the intruder in his bedroom. He was mortified after watching the footage and immediately called his partner.

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Everything seemed normal initially when Reddit user Vast_Sky2172 allowed his roommate to stay with him. The two were young and energetic lads in their early 20s. He worked part-time after college, and they got along well. However, the Original Poster (OP) started getting suspicious about his friend.

“I live in an apartment with my roommate. We are both attending college part-time and get along well with one another. The lease is under my name only, my roommate is not planning on living in the apartment after college. I do work night shift 3 days a week. My hours are 7PM-7:00AM,” explained OP.

In September 2021, OP, aged 22, discovered certain compatibility issues with his roommate, also 22. The main reason that urged him to suspect was the sight of his messy bed every time he got home after a demanding night shift. Determined to find answers, OP opted to address the situation by purchasing a spy camera for installation in his bedroom.

Once the dust settled, OP couldn’t get over raiding someone’s privacy to know the truth and turned to the online community for advice.

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OP’s suspicions began when he found clothing that didn’t belong to him. He was aware of his roommate bringing his girlfriend to stay over at times. Even OP’s partner frequented the apartment, but he sensed something amiss about his messy bed. He revealed:

“When I come home from work, I have been noticing my bed has been a mess, and I’ve found clothing that did not belong to me in the sheets. I am awful with confronting people, but I know it’s not my boyfriend.”

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Despite being aware of the discomfort associated with invading someone’s privacy, OP installed a spy camera in his bedroom. Continuing with his usual routine, he hoped to uncover the truth. “I went into work and the camera app notified me that there was motion in the room,” recalled OP. Upon hastily reviewing the footage, he was stunned and decided to stop watching.

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The next day, OP’s partner came over to meet him. He showed him the video, and he was equally mortified. The partner texted the video to OP’s roommate, who responded, saying he’d like to have a little talk about the issue. OP said:

“Roommate and I talk about the situation, and I tell him that it’s disgusting that he and his girlfriend are using my bed.”

When OP was out at work, his roommate invited his girlfriend to stay over and make herself comfortable in his apartment. The roommate claimed OP’s bed was more comfortable than his, much to OP’s frustration. Meanwhile, the girlfriend learned about the hidden camera her boyfriend’s roommate had installed and rushed to confront him.

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It wasn’t long before OP’s roommate’s girlfriend attacked him for installing a hidden camera in the bedroom. Once the dust settled, OP couldn’t get over raiding someone’s privacy to know the truth and turned to the online community for advice.

What Do Redditors Think?

OP’s narrative amassed an overwhelming response online, with many commenters siding with him and deeming him “NTA.” Several users expressed anger and frustration at his roommate and condemned him and his girlfriend for invading OP’s space and violating his privacy. Here are a few comments worth mentioning:

Several Redditors advised OP he was in the right because he needed to know the truth. Without it, he couldn’t have figured out what his roommate had been doing behind his back. What’s your take on this? Do you support OP’s decision to install hidden cameras in his bedroom, or should he have taken a different approach?