A Redditor shared a story on Reddit’s “AITA” subreddit, on the 6th of November, 2023. The Redditor stated that his wife wanted to adopt her sister’s 3 children, and the Redditor explained that he was okay with adopting her nephews, while refused to adopt her niece.

OP explained that his sister-in-law was going into prison from dealing drugs, and his children, 14-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old and 5-year-old sons were going to be left alone. As no one in his wife’s family wanted to care for the children, OP’s wife had stepped in and declared that she will be adopting them.

“I’m demanding 2 conditions. If we’re going to take the children in, I want us to adopt them. I don’t want 50 people looking over our shoulders trying to tell us what to do. If we’re going to be legal responsible for them, I want to be able to parent them as we see fit. The 2nd condition is that I’m willing to take the 2 boys but not the girl.” The Redditor explained.

“The 2 boys have not had any rules in their lives and are terrors but they’re still young and can be taught right from wrong.” OP reasoned, while he explained that the niece was a problematic teen girl, who got suspended from school for several times “for things like fighting and smoking illegal substances on school grounds.”

“She’s also stolen from us and other family members. She’s dating a gang member who was arrested on a home invasion charge but was released because it was his first time and his age.”

As the OP and his wife argued over this, in the update, the Redditor explained that he left the house after their arguments came to a point where they started to sleep in separate beds.

“Originally I just wanted to insulate myself and my assets from any damages that might be caused. However, after talking to her about our state laws and talking to my family, I moved out and filed for divorce. I still love my ex and knew she will be financially strap taking care of 3 kids so I signed the house over to her so at least she’ll always have a roof over her head. “

The OP then explained that his ex became temporary guardian of the children, and she took the kids in. After the niece skipped school several times, and bring boys into the house, his ex and the niece had argued.

One day, OP’s ex’s niece had took all the valuable stuff from the house, and left. OP stated that noone knows where she is at now.

The Redditor concluded the story as, “Her family thinks I’m the devil and things would have gone much smoother if I stayed and helped her. Apparently her father and male cousins will rip my head off if we ever run into each other.”

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