Mark Wahlberg explains reason why he wakes up at 2.30am every day

Sure, we all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce, as the saying goes, but one celebrity really is taking that quote seriously.

Yesterday Mark Wahlberg detailed his crazy daily routine that starts with an alarm at the eye-watering time of 2.30am every day.

Oh we kid you not.

 Even Mark's routine is bound to the schoolrun at 3pm

The 47-year-old begins his day as some go to sleep so he has enough time to get in his hour-and-a-half workout, following his morning prayer, before he starts his day properly.

The Ted actor shared his routine on his Instagram stories, where he let followers in on his day, starting with a prayer session and breakfast at 3.15am.

He then has his workout, a shower, plays some golf and has a few snacks before his main day begins.

We’re already exhausted, though.

The guy shares many a video of his hardcore workouts, said to be in preparation for his role in latest movie Mile 22.

One man who might be in awe of the actor is Piers Morgan, who visited the actor’s home and recalled the intense workout regime the star does before even the birds awake.

‘We discussed [Mark’s] legendary fitness regime. He revealed that when he’s on location, his team gut a hotel room and create a private gym for him,’ he wrote in Event magazine.

‘”Talk me through an average day when you’re filming,” I said. “I wake at 2.30am, and do an hour’s hard work out from 3am to 4am, with 10-second breaks. Then we drive to a local basketball court and do two-on-two for an hour.

‘”I come back to the hotel at 6am and have a plate of chicken and vegetables before heading to the set around 7am. I do 500 sit-ups through the day in my trailer to keep fresh.

‘”I finish at 6pm, go back to the hotel and do 45 minutes’ boxing. Then eat and go to bed by 8pm”.’

Mark Wahlberg in a grey jacket in front of a yellow backdrop

So…what were you doing at 2.30am?