Mom gives birth to rare albino twins with snow-white hair

Jorge Gomez and his wife were surprised to find out they were expecting twins. On the delivery day, the twins shocked their new parents with their heads of snow-white hair. Neither expected this to occur seeing as they are both brunettes. As the twins grew, so did the appreciation for their beauty.

The Gomezs are a married couple living in Argentina. They had a son together, and then in 2018, they were very excited to welcome their second child into the world. Neither of them expected the one child to be two, but when they heard the news that Mrs. Gomez was carrying twins they were beyond thrilled.

Many mothers who have brought two’s into this world have struggled during pregnancy, but luckily Mrs. Gomez reported that her pregnancy was mostly normal, and she had minimal struggles. The couple went about preparing for the new arrivals, just like any parent would do. Little did they know what they would feel on the day of their birth.

As Mrs. Gomez’s belly grew, she had no worries, only excitement. 36 weeks before their due date, the twins made a very early arrival. This was very worrisome for the parents as babies this premature have little chance of survival.

The two were born in a hospital in Tucumán Province of Argentina. They were named Virginia and Catalina, and weighed 5.5 and 5.95 lbs respectively. To top it all off, they were both born with stunning white hair.