Mom Picks up Little Son from Day Care, Finds Him Shivering after Being Locked in Dark Room Alone for Hours

When a parent enrolls their child in daycare, they place their faith in the facility and the staff, expecting them to take good care of their young child.

They arrive to pick up their child at the end of the day with the hope that they would be secure. However, regrettably, that wasn’t the case in this instance.

Kendra Jordan, the mother, is shocked by what she discovers in the daycare.


Kay’vontae, a one-year-old boy, was dropped off at Amazing Mays Child Daycare on August 10, 2023, in the afternoon by his mother, Kendra Jordan. At the regular time, which was 11:30 p.m., 30 minutes before the daycare officially closed, she went to pick him up.

Jordan arrived at the childcare center only to discover that there was no one present to answer her knocks and that she was unable to enter the facility to pick up her child.

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The mother was prepared to wait for a bit, but after waiting for twenty minutes, she started to get concerned.

Following the upsetting incident, Amazing Mays Child Daycare first stayed silent, giving the mother no explanations. She claimed she made an initial attempt to get in touch with the childcare.

Jordan eventually decided to phone the police for help when no one was responding, though.

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The mother remembered that the worst case scenario had crossed her mind:

“The first thing that came to my mind: Either he’s in the building, or somebody took him.”

The owner finally showed up hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, and pulled the crying, chilly 1-year-old out of the daycare. Jordan said she felt the daycare had betrayed her and described how her baby would have felt: “… he’s crying for his momma, and I’m not there.”

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The mother expressed her joy at having her child back by her side. Regarding the conflict of feelings present in the circumstance, she said:

“I felt like I couldn’t be his superhero.I grabbed him, and I hugged him tight because the situation could’ve been so much worse.”

Law enforcement officials have conclusively shown that the young kid had been left inside the daycare alone, and the mother is reportedly seeking legal assistance.

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Amazing Mays Child Daycare Owner Releases a Statement

Following the upsetting incident, Amazing Mays Child Daycare first stayed silent, giving the mother no explanations. The owner eventually issued a statement in which she claimed that the night workers had abandoned Kay’vontae alone inside the daycare. They declared:

“I was alerted by the child’s aunt an hour later and, within about 40 minutes of travel time, arrived on scene to unite the child with their parent.”

According to the statement, the kid was unharmed, and the occurrence was one-off. The owner continued by assuming full responsibility for what happened.

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According to the statement, the daycare is committed to offering a secure and enjoyable environment. The next line read:

“As unfortunate as this situation is we are forced to do an immediate closure during the investigation process. We do not have a time limit or direction to where this situation may lead AMCC, but we are truly thankful for the families we served in the past 7 years.”

The business owner then sent her best wishes to the numerous other parents whose kids were in the daycare, hoping they would find a respectable kindergarten for them to attend in the interim. And last, they apologized to the impacted family.


Sadly, individuals who are supposed to look out for our kids often act in a damaging or neglectful manner.