Mom visits tardy 6-year-old son during lunch – finds he’s been ‘publicly shamed’ by teachers

A 6-year-old child from Grants Pass, Oregon arrived late for school in 2015. Because his family had problems with their vehicle, mom Nicole was aware that young Hunter would probably have to go to detention.

Nicole visited his school during lunch as a result. She only wanted to check on him to see how he was doing, but she got a lot more than she expected.

Nicole observed her son being subjected to what many would consider to be a public humiliation rather than seeing Hunter in custody. It’s sufficient to state that she wasn’t content.

Nicole’s surprise
Nicole arrived at the school and found Hunter alone on a chair. In order to keep the 6-year-old from seeing or speaking with anyone else, a partition was constructed in front of his face. Hunter sat in tears and had a cup in front of him with the letter “D” on it (for detention).
Nicole was as furious as any mother would be at the way the school had treated her son. Given that Hunter rarely arrived late to school and hadn’t been late enough that day to make up any work, her rage was all the more intense.

Nicole snapped a photo of Hunter there in the cafeteria knowing she had to act. She later shared it on social media.

Community steps in
Others in Grants Pass made the decision to lend a hand after Nicole’s photo went viral. They made it their goal to make sure Hunter never again arrived late to school.

A few days later, Nicole and her family—which included Marc—arrived at Kelly’s Automotive Service with the expectation that their car would be declared beyond repair. Instead, they received the keys to a Chrysler van that had been given as a result of their neighborhood’s efforts.

The residents of Grants Pass demonstrated that there is always hope where there is love by performing a deed of kindness that will be of immeasurable assistance to Nicole and her family.

See the video down below:

These kinds of tales merely warm our hearts.

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