My Mom Arrived In A Frilly White Bridal Dress To My Brother’s Wedding To Draw All The Attention

At his brother’s wedding, a man decided to give his mother a taste of her own medicine. He shared the story on Reddit, where he was praised for his courage.

His brother and wife had been together for seven years before they decided to tie the knot. The man adored his sister-in-law and had nothing but nice things to say about her.

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He couldn’t be happier that his brother met the perfect woman for him. He also wanted to make sure that no one ruined their special day, regardless of who it was.

Wedding planning went well for everyone until the groom’s mother had a meltdown. After what happened, the groom was unsure whether his mom would make it to the wedding.

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No One Expected the Groom’s Mother to Come

On the wedding day, the groom didn’t know what to do when he walked down the aisle only to see his mom in a ridiculously frilly white bridal dress. The mom had chosen to make it about her on her eldest son’s special day.

The groom’s brother knew his mom would make everything about her, and he hatched a plan.

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“Her dress was much more of a bridal dress than the bride’s that day,” the brother admitted. His mom wanted to be the talk of the town, and she was – for all the wrong reasons.

The bride was livid when she saw her mother-in-law wearing the white bridal dress in the front row. They did not want to give her the satisfaction of knowing she’d upset them, so they continued with the ceremony.

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However, things took a turn for the worse at the wedding reception. The groom’s brother knew his mom would make everything about her, and he hatched a plan.

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The Groom’s Brother Decided to Force His Mom to Leave

He decided to take one for the team. “We were served glasses of red wine at lunch, and I asked for mine to be filled to the brim,” he admitted.

Then, he innocently walked over to where his mom was and “tripped,” spilling the red wine on her clean and crisp white dress.

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The man then put on a show, acting apologetically as his mom furiously reacted to his clumsiness. He almost got on his knees to apologize.

Because of his actions, their mom was forced to leave and, as a result, missed the first half of the reception to change into the dress she was initially supposed to wear. It was a four-hour roundtrip drive, and it upset the mom that she had to wear the clothing the groom originally bought her.

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No one cared about the groom’s mother missing the wedding reception. After the tripping scene, the Maid of Honor even gave the man a message that he deserved an Oscar for his performance.

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Through it all, the man didn’t feel bad about his actions. He found satisfaction even after the wedding when his new sister-in-law sent him a card that read:

“Enjoy the best bottle of wine I could find, for the best wedding gift you could have given us.”

The man further revealed that he and his mom never talked following the incident. He knew she’d dissed him at the wedding for what he did, but he couldn’t care less.

He claimed that his mom already saw him as her “no good” son, so it wasn’t anything new to him that she was dissing him. A part of him also wanted to believe that his mom knew he did it on purpose.

Aside from those at the wedding, people on the internet praised the man for stepping up for his brother and sister-in-law. They couldn’t help but slam the man’s mom for her conscious decision to make everything about her.

User comment dated September 2023 | Source: Panda

User comment dated September 2023 | Source: Panda

What do you think of the guy’s decision to douse his mom in wine? What would you have done in his situation?