My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

An 18-year-old woman allowed her boyfriend to move into her apartment without telling him that she owned the two-story building and was having the floor below her rented out. When he found out she was a landlord, he got mad and asked for half of the payment she received.

A woman was fortunate enough to have been given a two-story home by her father, designed like an apartment. She knew it was a privilege and turned her property into a source of passive income by renting out the lower floor for $500 while she lived on the second floor.

According to the woman, she only charges such an amount because of the apartment’s location, which is an hour’s drive from the city and 15 minutes from the nearest store. A similar modern pad would cost about $600 to $700, so her charge was fair.

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At 18, she asked her boyfriend of six months to move in with her. At that time, he had issues with his living situation and did not want to move back in with his parents. As a solution, she offered him to stay with her as long as he needed.

They have been living together for three months without him knowing that she owned the apartment. Although she does not ask him to pay for rent or utilities, they split the grocery bill in half.

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The woman withheld the information about owning the building from her partner, assuming it was not a big deal. She didn’t tell a lot of people about it without the topic being raised.

However, one day, her tenant knocked on the door and informed her that the freezer had stopped working. Meanwhile, her boyfriend overheard their conversation but said nothing.

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The woman went with the tenant downstairs to see the problem and told the renter to purchase a new one. The tenant would eventually be reimbursed for the freezer based on the receipt.

When the woman went upstairs, her boyfriend asked for an update on the freezer, to which the woman said it could not be fixed. She added:

„I told him no, but [the tenant] was going to buy a new one and I would pay for it. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why the hell I would pay for her freezer, I told him that because I am her landlord [sic].”

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At that point, the boyfriend went ballistic and started yelling at his girlfriend. He asked why she hid the information from him and called her evil for doing so. While she apologized, he still continued to berate her.

He also claimed that landlords only cared about money and that he couldn’t believe he was in a relationship with one.

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„He demanded that I give him 50% of the money I make from rent or else I was just as bad as he thought,” she said. The woman’s boyfriend gave her the silent treatment for a while, and during this time, the woman was able to think clearly.

She decided to call it quits with her boyfriend and asked her dad to drive by her place and stay by the driveway while they talked. That day, her boyfriend demanded an apology and questioned why she did not want to give him part of her income.

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„If you don’t rent out for the purpose of taking people’s money, you should have no problem giving any of that money away,” he said. The woman asked why her boyfriend would take the money if he believed landlords were terrible people and only renting spaces for cash. She also asked if he would donate the 50 percent to charity for housing.

Although her memory was fazed after, the woman recalled her boyfriend calling her selfish and claiming he regretted ever meeting her. He also threatened to expose her to her friends and tried to punch a hole in the wall.

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At that point, the woman messaged her dad, who came upstairs. „My boyfriend just laughed and told us both he never wants to see us again and that he was out,” she narrated.

Several Reddit users shared their thoughts on the matter and sided with the woman. Some also suggested that she change her locks regardless if her boyfriend gave back the keys.

Was the woman right in refusing to give her boyfriend half of her rent income and breaking up with him? What would you have done in this situation?