My Teen Daughter Chose Her Cheating Dad over Me & Cut All Contact, Asks Me for Money Years Later

When a woman chose to divorce her husband over his infidelity, she lost custody of her daughter. As time passed, the daughter refused to see the woman, believing she was a bad person. It wasn’t until the girl had no more money to pay for college that she reconnected with her mom.

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In January 2022, an anonymous female poster shared her story in the “AITA” subreddit. The woman, aged 45, who had married a wealthy man, believed she was lucky to have someone lend a helping hand to her family.

Her husband not only lavished her parents with opulent gifts but also settled her sister’s credit card debts. Additionally, he facilitated her brother’s connection to a reputable company, securing him a lucrative job offer.

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Her husband was well-loved by his in-laws and was often on his side during challenging times in their marriage, including the first time he cheated. At the time, the woman had just given birth to their child, Kelly. Despite her vulnerability, she desired to part ways with her husband.

However, her family persuaded her to forgive the man. They cited Kelly as a reason for her to remain, emphasizing the importance of the child growing up in a stable household with both parents. Yielding to her family’s advice, the woman decided to stay. Additionally, she convinced herself that she couldn’t be the best wife at that time because she was pregnant.

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When Kelly reached the age of 12, the woman’s husband cheated on her for the second time. Resolute in her decision, she was determined to initiate divorce proceedings. However, her in-laws opposed the idea, seeking to avoid any scandal involving their family. The woman’s parents shared the same sentiments, not wanting to lose access to her husband’s kindness and generosity.

Despite the opposition, the woman went ahead and filed for divorce. During the legal process, she lost her child’s custody, as her husband had the financial means to secure the best lawyers and had his in-laws’ support. Nevertheless, the woman received alimony and a favorable settlement.

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The woman made efforts to stay in touch with her daughter, establishing visiting hours. However, her in-laws and parents portrayed her negatively to Kelly, labeling her as a bad person. They conveyed the message that the woman was a hypocrite for not forgiving her dad despite his apologies. Consequently, when Kelly entered her teenage years, she became convinced that her mother was terrible and adamantly refused to see her.

Kelly Only Reconnected with Her Mother for Money

During the challenging times, the woman sought solace in her best friend, Tina. She regarded Tina as her confidant and rock, expressing that she might not have endured without her friend’s support. As the years unfolded, the woman persistently reached out to her daughter.

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The woman directed her efforts toward reconstructing her life, delving into the field of accountancy, and securing a well-paying job. Conversely, her ex-husband faced a string of misfortunes.

Alongside losing his job, he found himself embroiled in a lawsuit filed by one of his employees. Despite facing financial difficulties, he persisted in maintaining his extravagant lifestyle and depleted all his funds, including the money intended for Kelly’s college tuition.

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The Woman Wanted to Leave Her Assets to Her Goddaughter, Not Her Daughter

At that point, Kelly, 21, wanted to reconnect with her mother. “I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t hurt at the idea of her only wanting contact was for my money…” she said. Although the woman consented to support her daughter’s graduate school tuition financially, Kelly had to sign a contract relinquishing her status as her mother’s heir, as specified in the woman’s will.

The woman expressed a desire for the majority of her estate and assets to be allocated to Tina’s daughter, Laura, who had become akin to a daughter over the preceding years. Laura, 18, was also her goddaughter.

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The woman, still maintaining positive connections with a handful of relatives, believed that following their advice would harm any prospect of repairing a relationship with Kelly. They suggested splitting everything equally. Nevertheless, she was hesitant to foster a relationship with Kelly that felt transactional or required financial compensation.

What Do Redditors Think?

What do you think about this story? Was the mom right to leave all that she owned to her goddaughter? Or should she have left everything to her daughter, who only wanted to reconnect after having no money left for tuition?