Nothing could have prepared Judy Sheindlin for what happened to her

Judy Geller, who plays Judge Judy, experienced a mini-stroke in 2011 while performing in front of her audience. Geller is currently the show’s executive producer for Judy Justice, despite the fact that she had experienced more than her fair share of enlightening court battles.

Judy spoke about the horrifying incident and stated that she thinks she may have had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) in an appearance on Live Television.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Judy reportedly claimed, “The folks that watched me for 15 years sensed something was wrong, and without asking – which was probably a very good thing, because I would have said, “Don’t go there” – they called EMS.”

The 79-year-old performer reportedly started “asking questions in slow motion,” which led the producers to dial 911.

Judy stated that she was in good health despite her doctors’ concerns that she might have experienced a mini-stroke. “I could have had a transient ischemia stroke, but the symptoms went away quickly.”

Judy, to our relief, has not had any further attacks and is in good health; she even has a new show.

When asked if she had any plans to leave her job in television, she responded, “I’m not tired. Tennis or golf are not my sports. I have no desire and no intention to learn how to play mahjong, checkers, or chess.”

“I am aware of the things I like to do. Why would I want to try to learn something new at this stage in my life when I already know what I like?”

After 45 years of marriage, Judy and Jerry Sheindlin will celebrate their anniversary this year. Judy also has a fantastic private life away from the camera.

They had only begun their marriage when they went their separate ways for about a year, but they reconciled and have been happy ever since.