People Rack Their Brains over the Purpose of These Objects & Get Surprising Answers

Have you ever stumbled across an item and wondered what it was for? With so many innovations worldwide, keeping up with everything available in the market can be challenging.

In our daily lives, we often encounter things that make us scratch our heads, wondering why they exist and what they’re meant for. These objects can be pretty confusing, but the surprising part is when we dig deeper, we find unexpected answers.

Whether it’s something we use daily or a weird item from the past, figuring out the real deal behind these things is like solving a mystery. It turns out that it’s not just about what these objects are but also about the stories and cultures tied to them.

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Thanks to the internet, it’s easier for people to seek the answers they’re looking for. With the click of a button, a person can ask others for help by posting a photo online.

More often than not, at least one person will figure out what the item is for. On Reddit, we’ve encountered users who couldn’t understand what certain items were for. Here, we’ve rounded up the top six:

6. A Round, Ceramic Object Measuring 8 Inches

r/whatisthisthing - Round ceramic object, approx 8 inches in diameter

Shopping in thrift stores can be quite an adventure. You can wander along the aisles, finding the most unique pieces. While in the homeware section, a person saw an odd object that they found incredible. They described it as ceramic or porcelain and had protruding shapes throughout a flat plate.

Redditors told the woman that the ceramic dish was actually a dog bowl for those with dogs who eat too fast. While using something breakable wasn’t ideal for some, others argued it was a great way to keep bacteria and mold from forming.

5. A Wooden Spoon with a Hole in the Middle

r/whatisthisthing - What is the purpose of the hole in this wooden spoon?

Wooden spoons belong in the kitchen. However, one person was puzzled when they found a spoon with a round hole in the middle. They took a picture, determined to discover its use.

One person shared that the hole allowed the liquid to flow through as you’re stirring the food. However, one person clarified what the spoon was for exactly: making risotto.

4. A Small, Phallic, Rubbery Item near a Sink

One person took a photo of a small yellow, phallic rubber item that they found near their kitchen sink. It was shaped like a ring but clearly wasn’t meant to be used as an accessory. The person added that the phallic object made them uncomfortable, so they wanted to find out what it was. Thankfully, Reddit did not disappoint.

“It is used kind of like a keyring on certain measuring spoons or measuring cups,” a user shared. Upon seeing the answer, the original poster was relieved they had solved the case.

3. A Wooden Oblong Object with Grooves and a Hole

r/whatisthisthing - Oblong wooden object with grooves and a hole in it. Came in a box with a grain mill but doesn't belong to the machine.

While going through a box with a grain mill, a woman came across a large wooden object with grooves and a hole. Instantly, she determined that the object wasn’t part of the grain mill.

A user revealed that the wood piece was meant to be a wooden Christmas tree. They then suggested that it might have been made by someone practicing woodturning.

The woman was in disbelief to discover this, claiming it was “really badly shaped” for a Christmas tree and looked more like an acorn. However, she acknowledged that it looked well-made by a skilled crafter.

2. A Phallic Laboratory Flask

One person had a phallic laboratory flask and wondered what it was possibly for. It had measurements on one side and an extended part on another, resembling a handle.

One user revealed that the primary purpose of the long phallic part of the flask was to analyze a mixture without needing to take a sample out. Another person confirmed this and said he had several in his molecular microbiology lab.

1. A Golden-Colored Opaque Glass Object

r/whatisthisthing - Golden Coloured Opaque Glass object about 25cm tall. Weights about 40g. Hollow with no holes.

One person found a golden-colored opaque glass object and wondered what it was for. The person who had measured the item noted that it stood 25cm tall and weighed about 40 grams.

Someone revealed it was a home decor item. Another person agreed and said it was a decor item made with blown glass that looked like a “piece of art.”

The world is filled with mystery and the most curious items. People stumble upon enigmatic objects every day, but thanks to the internet, they figure out what they’re for in just one click.

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The world is full of surprises, and the internet is our handy guide to unraveling the mysteries of what we find.